I am a Pakistani, ex-Muslim. I always thought that Islam was spending too much time in ceremony and negatives. Many Muslims haven’t even read the Quran. Just like most Christians have never read the Bible. As religious people, we rely on our town elders to do that “thinking” for us. I say enough is enough. READ the books and find out for yourselves…that your “God” is dangerous.



  1. Nimbu, read about the “Apostate Blogger” project on my blog. I’m pretty sure you won’t object to being part of a blogroll that identifies you as an apostate, but I thought you should know.

    Let me know if you wish to be removed.

  2. pretty sad.. I can see what dangers can come with little knowledge and faithlessness. I would like to talk to you on this.

  3. Salaam Nimbu. Sorry about the repeated comment, but it’s my first try. Keep this one, bro. I’d say reading the Bible or Qur’aan is the surest path towards atheism. After a critical study of our “holy” book, I was stupefied by how humanlike Allaah was. And between Muhammad and Allaah, there is an uncanny resemblance in personality. Hmmmm! ;O)

  4. Saladin,

    Sorry for the late reply – I forget that people put comments here too! I’d beg to differ with you regarding my knowledge level. Unlike most Muslims, I actually have read both the Quran and the Bible.

    Knowledge is good. In fact, in the early days of Islam, knowledge was a good thing. Somewhere between then and now, Muslims were instructed to stop learning. The Quran has everything you need. I think you know that it doesn’t. For example, the Quran cannot teach you to perform surgery, or how to create antibiotics. Both of these things are well loved and appreciated by many people worldwide.

    Religious books don’t teach us much. Simple rules like being nice and not stealing, or killing people were well established before Islam (even before Christianity).

    So, while I appreciate your invitation to talk about this, I must respectfully decline.

  5. None of these projects will work without an enthusi- astic teamwork atmosphere in the group promoted by every facilitator available. ,

  6. Hey Nimbu

    There are plenty of atheist exmuslims in London. Have a look at Council of Exmuslims of Britain website.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  7. You have become enlightened with the Truth.

    Keep up the good work. Guide Muslims to become good humans who love each other.

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