Posted by: nimbu | January 29, 2011

God still hates homosexuals – even though the rest of us just don’t care.


In 2010, the most popular post was “Why does God hate homosexuals?” I’m happy to report that the majority of people in this country are now beginning to simply not care. Not care about whether or not you’re gay! Gay teens continue to struggle with this, however – but again the good news is that there’s tons, and I mean TONS of support. From web sites, blogs, support groups and more.

Can you imagine what it was like before the Internet? Every year that goes by, it’s going to get better.

While the religious leaders continue to double-down on hating homosexuality. They will soon find themselves on the wrong side of their congregation. The other day, super-nice-guy preacher, Joel Osteen doubled down on the former Larry King show. He claimed having to follow scripture! I found myself talking to the tv: “There’s a lot of stuff in the scripture! We don’t follow much of it!”

Again, I point to the legalization of adultery. We’ve stopped stoning adulterers! Even though the Hebrew God wants us to do so.

Joel, like many good looking, nice-guy preachers before him, is a fake. Raking in tens of millions of your hard earned dollars. And his “ministry” is tax exempt! That should fire you up! These guys have so many obvious skeletons in their closets, I simply cannot wait for his fall from grace. It’s almost inevitable. But I want him to go down flaming – like Ted Haggard!!! He’s my personal favorite. He hated gays so much that when his gay prostitute, drug dealing companion came out – boy can you imagine how satisfying that was!?!

It was fucking awesome!

To be fare, he’s not gay anymore. 😉 He’s worked it out. He’s been “fixed”.



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