Posted by: nimbu | June 22, 2009

Really? Homosexuals?

I started this blog in January of 2007. It’s been more than 2.5 years and I’m surprised to announce that the most popular post is:

“why does god hate homosexuals?”

I’m surprised – yet not surprised. I can only imagine there are thousands if not tens of thousands of young kids out there struggling to figure out “what’s god thinking?” How do I reconcile my homosexuality with my church?

What’s wrong with me?

These are very normal questions. Many heterosexuals (probably in the billions) ask themselves that question daily! Really, no kidding.

You’re not alone. People all over the world a perplexed. What kind of god let’s this happen – especially to me! I’m a good person. I’ve done nothing wrong. Why me?

There are 2 obvious answers:

1. god really doesn’t like you.
2. god doesn’t exist.

Perhaps there are more than 2. I’m sure someone out there has created some middle ground in their mind.

I don’t want to hear “god loves you, but hates your sin.” That’s bullshit. I hate that response. Love the sinner – hate the sin. That’s how “Christians” dehumanize their hatred. It makes them feel better about themselves. It has nothing to do with love, or compassion.

Being lumped in with other sinners for being in love with another is sick. Two grown women or men loving each other is not a sin – it’s love! It’s fucking love, not sin. There’s nothing wrong with more love in this world.

It makes me sad to think that in 2009, this is the most popular post on my blog.

We’ve got such a long way to go…





  1. i completely agree…

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