Posted by: nimbu | April 20, 2008

Out of Hiding

I know I said I’ve quit. But this I cannot ignore:

It’s hard not to write about the visit of the leader of one of the most destructive religions on the planet. I’m astonished to see how the news media just loves him (the Pope). He’s intelligent, sweet, little old man. But the media seems to not want to discuss some very important things:

1. The Catholic Church forces its priests into celibacy. Arguably, sex is one of the most important things in life (perhaps behind breathing). I know many people that if you asked them whether they’d like to have sex, a burger, or a coke, they’d pick sex. Sex is pretty important in life, and to restrict young men (priests) from doing it, is ridiculous. The priesthood has become some brotherhood of men who are gay, but cannot reconcile their religion and who they are. Unfortunately those straight guys who want to be priests are mixed in with these gay guys who are repressed. Even straight priests must find it annoying to constantly have to clean up after their wet dreams. It’s either that, or they secretly spank-off and just pay the price (penance).

1(a). When you have thousands of cases of child abuse under one organization, it’s not just 1 or 2 priests, it’s a lot of fucking priests. The numbers prove that this was no anomaly , it’s a problem

2. The Catholic Church hates Gays. Oh they “love” gays, but they’re going to hell if they don’t stop spanking other men. (or women if they’re lesbians)

3. The Catholic Church hates women. Oh they don’t really “hate” women, they’ve simply made them 2nd class citizens. They cannot hold any power in the Church. They cannot use birth control, therefore are at the mercy or their husbands (or God forbid, their boyfriends).

3(a). The same guy who thought it would be great for priests to be celibate was probably gay himself. Either that or was constantly thinking about women and found it a distraction. Or just kept the whole Adam and Eve bullshit going. Either way, men create religion and therefore men place women in 2nd class status.

4. The Catholic Church hate sex. This notion that your “seed” shouldn’t be spilled is fucking sick. Should I have felt guilty for having a wet dream when I was 14? How many babies must I have accidentally destroyed by spanking-off! It’s insane.

Most importantly, the Catholic Church continues to stand behind it’s moronic birth control policy. Now you’re probably thinking: “I know many Catholics that use condoms/birth control”. It’s true. Most Catholics in this country do use contraception. That’s because people in this country are smart. It’s the unfortunate, uneducated people of the 3rd world that are being screwed.

The Pope (a.k.a. the Church) believes that if you tell Africans to stop fucking, that they’ll listen. Instead of giving condoms, or teaching kids about sex and the fact that you can catch AIDS, or other VDs, they’re telling kids nothing (except stop having sex). Not only is it inadequate education, it’s fucking DEADLY! It’s inhuman. It’s mean spirited, purposely withholding knowledge from kids that you know could help them.

The kids don’t know they can catch AIDS or have babies by having sex, so they get pregnant. Or even worse, they catch AIDS. All because the fucking Church has a ridiculous notion that contraception is bad. Not only is it sad, it should be illegal.

You can see why I came out of hiding just to write this. Not saying I’m back for good. But this I just couldn’t keep in.




  1. fantastic post.

    you really should start writing regularly again.

  2. If from ‘Nimbu’ you mean lemon, i think you are from India. In Pakistan no one calls lemon ‘nimbu’ but ‘limo’. i have seen people calling lemon ‘nimbu’ only in India.

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