Posted by: nimbu | November 14, 2007

I think it’s time for a change

My original intent with my blog was to document my metamorphosis from non-practicing Muslim to full blown, flaming atheist. The tone of this blog has shifted away from just writing down my thoughts about atheism. I think my metamorphosis is complete. I don’t feel like writing anything regarding the subject.

Now that it’s been over a year of my new life, I’ve been watching the world without my tinted glasses. All of a sudden, I find myself surrounded by fucking idiots. I just heard on the radio this morning (NPR), about how some southern Baptist ministers are gathering folks in Georgia to “pray” for rain. Are you fucking kidding me!

This is newsworthy?

Was NPR’s attempt to show how crazy Georgian Baptists are? Or were they just giving equal airtime to the religious right?

I find it baffling that stories of god(s) still make it to the news. Fluff stories, no less.

What I’m trying to say here is that this blog for me is becoming depressing. I think it’s time for me to move on. Move on to happier topics…like technology, movies, music, etc.

As I write this, I can’t help but think about the daily traffic to this blog. I hope that I can influence some on-the-fence-Muslim to really critically think about their religion. Even if just 1 person is persuaded, I’m happy. I may stop blogging on a regular basis, but this site will stay up. I hope that more and more of my fellow Pakistani Muslims will start to analyze their lives, their country, their family structures, and most importantly their religion.

I will get the email notifications if people post, so I won’t be completely out of touch.



  1. Hi there,
    You may remember that I went through the same process a month ago except that my decision to stop blogging and delete my blog all together was due to the fact that I was spending way too much time researching the claims in the comments as well as citing sources for my ideas.

    I am frequently called a pessimist by my wife, so I will tell you that we are fighting an uphill battle, There is no way we can gain ground on the majority who believes in the woowoo. Better sow the seed of skepticism and wonder in your offspring/s and wish for them to be as critical of things as you have now become.

    Good luck friend…….Send me an email if you want to chat offline.


  2. Well done on the metamorphosis; there will be space for future writings in this regard; I also needed a break from the whole what people believe scenario however a recent tarring on my blog where some Muslim person called my atheist writing bigoted and that I believe ISLAM=terrorism (a clear indication of not having actually read anything there) has given me renewed vigour and enthusiasm 😉

    Time to dust off the bitter pen and make some noise.

  3. Please don’t stop your blog – continue – and chart your journey – wherever that takes you – please!

  4. Still thinking about it…

  5. i read some of your articles,
    this is the first time i express myself about the question of religion, and God. (and if there is some english mistakes, sorry, it’s not my first language)

    well, a year ago, i changed my country, and after discussions with some new friends, i asked myself : what about if i was born in a atheist family, would i have enough faith as do ? would i arrive to the conclusion of the God existence?
    when i was 17 years old, i took my religion by choice. i took a moment with myself to see if it does worth the keeping. and i found in very wonderful things, that makes of me a happy person.

    But, this decision was made in the same contest and society i was born in.

    When i came to France, my faith in god, wasn’t less big, even that it was what helped me to be patient and strong and to succeed in my studies.

    Well, after many reflexions, and emotional experiences, i found that i can’t accept to continue “linving” in a world just made of luck ! everithing i see, it’s too much to be “just luck”.

    Well, i used the cartesian criticism, and a though one, i tried to not be influenced by my past 10 years of experience, and faith.

    At the end, after prooving the existence of God (for myself), i tried to understand other religions, but a lack of time, and some other necessities let me understood, it’s preferable to keep the precedent way…and it’ was the best. i was a good person, doing good actions as i can, open to the world, well educated…so why would i change, while trying to change makes of me an unhappier person…

    All this to say one thing : the most important is to be happy, to be good in your life. Supposing the God existence, as powerful as he shoukd be, or as we can imagine him, do you think he need our believes, he needs us, or needs our prays?
    I think God gave us a general formula of general hapinness (for all the society) through religions. We loose the “essence” of life, of creation, and existence if we think about religion for God, but a religion for us, to be happy and organise society.

    So you can ask me : so if it’s this way, why too much unhapiness? why even the application doesn’t work as much good? why all this world i observed…this is the world that makes a person throw away his believes (because they are wrong) and then be atheist…I understant that you might though more than me about the world and society. I have no answer, but then aren’t our expectations too big?
    Maybe, for the sam reality, there are many ways to read it, i believe so. Everything depends on the relerences you have. and from my own and big experience of the subject, it’s hardly impossible to build something without a reference… just look at mathematics, the universal knwoledge, we always need to admit some elementary “postulates”!

    funny world we’re in!

    I have too many questions, i have a big hunger of knowledge in life, and in your metamorphosis, you should have answered to many questions. so what were your answers to questions such as :

    what’s the “essence” of universe?
    what are atheism references? what is the most important in life?
    if god doesn’t really exist, why so many human being keeps looking for the meaning of life ?
    do you think it’s more intelligent to deny the existence of the desire of our creation?
    (for me God = The will that create the universe, that engaged the big bang for example)

    i know that you decided to stop this web site…but however, i post my opinion and questions…this is a part of life too 🙂

    • so u just staying religious for the motion u have a
      and memories … not for hell and heaven ?

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