Posted by: nimbu | October 17, 2007

I have a god complex

I remember as a youngster, looking at my fellow Christians and Jews with a superiority complex. Not only did my parents instill this in me, but every religious “leader” in my life forced/encouraged me to believe that every non-Muslim was just simply ignorant. They didn’t know the truth. They were beneath me – it was my responsibility to teach them the truth. That was my mission. I should be grateful to have been born a Muslim.

I see the same condescending attitude all around me. From Muslims, Christians, Jews, and even Hindus & Buddhist.

They look at me as if I’m lost. As if I’m beneath them. It’s their mission to “teach” me.

This is a really interesting role reversal. I’m digging the dark side…



  1. i like buddhism, whatever little i understand of it

  2. I think wasn’t buddhism the only religion that doesn’t have any god in the beginning…and then people later on added it to make it more believable.

  3. Buddhism is really cool – be kind to everyone, no hate.
    OF COURSE it cannot be a real religion. (Buddha always refused to make any pronouncements about whether supernatural things exist.)

    Religion is mainly about how WE are so much worthier than those evil ones over there.
    Believe ME, and you will be saved, and, wink, wink, I’ll enslave 70 virgins and send then to you for your entertainment–and/or, Jesus will be your Personal Savior and take you to where there are rose petals everywhere.
    Believe a different god, or no gods at all, and you will rot in hell, and no slave virgins for you!

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