Posted by: nimbu | September 11, 2007

Why does God hate homosexuals?

I’m talking of course about all Abrahamic religions; but I want to focus on Christianity. No other religion pushes the loving nature of its god as much as Christianity. Apparently Jesus loves everybody, except homosexuals, idol worshipers and many more…too many to count. Apparently hell is going to be a very busy place.

Recent events in US politics have brought this issue up again. I just can’t seem to get around the circular argument that many Christians make: God loves you…but hates you because you’re a guy… and you like other guys. Why does God care about your sex life? Seriously: Is loving somebody of the same sex something to really hate? If I were god, I’d put people’s sexual stuff pretty far off my radar. It wasn’t so long ago that God didn’t like doggy-style! It was missionary position, or you’re going to hell. Again, why does God care about how you have sex?

Tangent…If I were God, I’d try to fix hunger first. Too many kids die every year from hunger and malnutrition. I wouldn’t give a shit about whether you do it with another guy, or girl, or a donkey for that matter.

End tangent.

God seems to really care about sex. No wonder people assume he’s a guy! That’s why I firmly believe that Christianity, in particular, was manipulated by Monks to make the rest of us feel guilty for wanting to have sex. The reason being this: Monks were the photocopiers of the past. They copied Biblical text. Is it too hard to believe that there were some editorial changes made?

Plus, monks loved the alcohol!!! Perhaps one drunken evening…



  1. Hello,

    We have copies of the New Testament books in the original Greek from the 2nd century, before Catholicism was ever dreamed of. So, we know the Bible we have today is reliable. We all have to decide whether we’re going to believe it, but we know that we have what was originally written.

    While homosexuals are certainly on the list of people that aren’t going to heaven in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, there are many others on that list, too. It includes anyone who even just has a sexual thought about someone, whether it’s a heterosexual or homosexual thought (Matthew 5:27-28). In fact, anyone who breaks any of the Ten Commandments (such as lying), deserves to go to hell.

    I agree that the message, “Jesus loves you, but you’re probably going to hell” doesn’t make any sense. I wish more Christians saw things your way.

    The message should be that God is infinitely holy and just, and can’t let sin go unpunished. Nevertheless, He’s so merciful and kind that He provided a way to maintain His justice and still let you into heaven. However, Jesus said He is the Way to get to heaven–your way isn’t working. If you want to go to heaven, you have to go Jesus’ Way, which means dying to yourself, and following Him.



  2. Thanks Bill.

    A couple of points:

    Just having a few elements of the current Bible that date back centuries doesn’t make the entire Bible credible. It’s not the 1% of the book that I’m concerned with. It’s the 99% that’s been modified, translated and retranslated over the centuries to fit the current feelings of Popes, politicians, priests, monks, etc.

    Going to heaven via Jesus is improbable and for the majority of the world before the 1700s, impossible. With no mass communication methods, only individual missionaries that were spread so thin, I find it ridiculous that Christians believe the only way is via Jesus.

    Billions of people existed on this planet before and after Jesus that never had the chance to “hear” his message. I find it offensive for any religion to condemn that many to “hell”. I put hell in quotes because it’s a childish fabrication to scare people into a belief system.

    I can’t believe that even after such a huge fall from grace of Ted Haggard, that people still believe in this nonsense. But then again, I heard that he’s cured of his homo-ness.

    • the billions of people that lived before and after were in fact taught the good news. before Christ, there were prophets that preached this many chose not to listen and killed most of the prophets as for the after Christ, his disciples went around and preached so many heard they just chose not to believe and again killed the bringers of the gospel.

    • this is because in order to be judge at the gates of heaven you must have heard about jesus if you don’t then you’ll have the chance in heaven ant then if you reject him you won’t go in. God is just whywould he punish you for something you don’t know ?

  3. As John Lennon said, all you need is love. All we need is love. It doesn’t matter who we love. Problem is that most christians and others are too busy trying to save souls to notice that. Too bad they stick with one and only one possibility. Long life to Love.

  4. Long live love!

    Luckily, most of the world if full of lovers. It’s just the select few who believe they belong to some secret society…some special group of “chosen” people that need some way of excluding others from their club.

    “I’m better than you because I’ve accepted Jesus into my life…”

  5. Nimbu,

    If we have entire copies of the Bible from the first century, and early second century, and the Bible we have today matches those, how do all of these new additions to the Bible take place over centuries? I don’t understand what you mean by that. Like I said, you can choose to not believe what it says, but there is no doubt that what we have is what was originally written. Maybe you should look up the manuscript evidence for the Bible.

    God is infinitely just, and will take care of people who have never heard of Jesus. He has promised that those who seek Him will find Him, and He can’t break His promise. However, everyone deserves to go to hell.

    If we’re on a plane that’s about to crash into a mountainside, and I’m wearing a parachute, but you refuse to put the parachute on, does that make me better than you? Rest assured I’m not better than you, but I am better off.

    What is your favorite evidence that God doesn’t exist?


  6. One can’t argue with a god that by default sends everyone to hell. Do you hear how stupid that sounds:

    1. God is infinitely just
    2. However, everyone deserves to go to hell

    It doesn’t bother you because you’ve been told this your entire life.

    For those of us lucky enough to see this from the outside can see how absurd this is.


    On the note of the original “new testament”

    Really, you have 1st century copies? They must be worth a fortune! As I understood Biblical history – the many books of the New Testament weren’t assembled until much later than the 1st century.

    Directly from Wikipedia:

    “The New Testament (Greek: Καινή Διαθήκη, Kainē Diathēkē) is the name given to the final portion of the Christian Bible, written after the Old Testament. It is sometimes called the Greek Testament or Greek Scriptures, or the New Covenant – which is the literal translation of the original Greek. The original texts were written in Koine Greek by various unknown authors after c. AD 45 and before c. AD 140. Its 27 books were gradually collected into a single volume over a period of several centuries. The New Testament is a central element of Christianity, and has played a major role in shaping modern Western culture.”

    Plus – why didn’t God just give his Son (or rather, himself) the gift of intelligence. Surely somebody as “wise” as Jesus should’ve known better. He should’ve written the New Testament himself. Why didn’t he? Why trust some unknown authors to interpret a message that was passed via word of mouth for well over 40 years after his passing?

    But then again, Christians, just like every religious person fall back to the age-old safety net:

    “it’s god’s will”

    Nice. That gets you out of pretty much any argument. After all, god also “created” evolution.

  7. Nimbu,

    Maybe I didn’t explain something clearly enough. You quote #1 and #2 as if they were contradictory. What I meant is that because of #1, #2 is the result. If someone raped and killed your mother, you would be angry and want justice to be done. You desire justice, because you are made in God’s image, and He also desires justice. He has said that all murderers will have their part in the lake of fire. But, because He is so holy and just, He’s also going to punish thieves, blasphevers, and liars. If you know someone who hasn’t told a lie, or broken any of the other Ten Commandments, I guess they’re going to heaven. Everyone I know deserves to go to hell. Have you ever told a lie? According to God’s Word, you will go to hell.

    The quote you have from Wikipedia (while it doesn’t deal with the topic we were discussing, and I would disagree with some of the numbers) provides great evidence for the integrity of the Bible. The New Testament was written within a few decades of Jesus’ death. The Bible is much more trustworthy than any other ancient writing, and none of them are ever questioned.

    I misspoke to a certain extent when I mentioned manuscripts of the Bible coming from the 1st century. We have copies from the New Testament books from the 2nd century, and copies of the Old Testament from approximately 150 B.C. The Bible wasn’t officially compiled (bringing together the various books, and calling them the Bible) until the 300’s, but the point I was getting at is that we have good copies of the books from very early on. Take a look at to see the dates of the various manuscripts.

    In answering your questions, I would say first of all, Jesus is God. Secondly, Jesus did write the entire Bible, using men. I would also say that all but one of the New Testament writers were eye witnesses to Jesus, so there was no word of mouth.

    You should study this stuff out for yourself before dismissing it out of hand.

    If I said there was no gold in China, I would have to have nearly infinite knowledge. I would have to know what was in every creek, in every person’s mouth, everywhere in China. While I may sincerely believe there is no gold in China, there may be adequate evidence that I just don’t know about. If you say there is no God, you’re saying that you have infinite knowledge of the universe. While you may have enough faith to make that statement, have you considered that there may be ample evidence for the existence of God that you just don’t know about?


  8. Sir,

    I simply cannot argue against the logic of blind-faith.

    Enjoy hell. By your logic, everybody’s going to be there.

  9. Nimbu,

    What did I say that was illogical? If the United States passed a law saying the penalty for lying is the death penalty, you might not like it, but it doesn’t go against any law of logic.

    I deserve to go to hell, but that doesn’t mean it’s where I’m going. Besides that, heaven is where God resides. You hate him, and you wouldn’t want to spend eternity praising Him.

    I won’t bother you anymore, but I would strongly encourage you to check out to find the answer to some of the objections you might have. If you find some bad info on there, I’m sure it would make for some great blog posts.

    Thanks for the discussion.


  10. Well Bill, I just don’t see why would a god want us to worship him/her/it whatever, unless she/he/it whatever is extremly egocentrical.

  11. Hi Bill, my favourite evidence against god is that ” it never showed up & does’nt plant to show up in future also” & ” it does’nt interfere & let things happen their way or the way one wants it” so either its a vegetable or at best non existent.

  12. Farthel,

    If you were the most perfect, glorious, holy being in the universe, it would be in our best interest to worship you. You wouldn’t be egotistical for accepting that worship, because you would deserve it.


    Jesus did show up, and we hated Him so much that we killed Him. Has anything really changed in the last 2000 years?

  13. Bill,Jesus was a good human , thats about it. Rest all is FAITH & Faith means belief without knowing.
    Their is a paradigm shift now, more & more people prefer to know ( means knowledge) than to believe.

  14. I am a Christian and it just so happens that God DOES love everyone, since HE alone is the creator of the universe and all of its contents, including human beings. You say that God loves everyone, except he hates idol worshippers, homosexuals, etc; however, this is not the case. God indeed does love everyone…even the idol worshiper, the homosexual, the murderer, thief, liar…but He HATES their sin. God does not know sin, it is apart from Him…therefore He cannot look upon it. God’s desire is that everyone would seek Him and find Him, but in order to do that, you must do your best to rid yourself of the sins that God hates. If not, you will NEVER experience a closeness with God if you continue to sin.

    Psalm 7:11
    God is a just judge, And God is ANGRY with the WICKED every day.
    Psalm 1:6
    For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the UNGODLY shall PERISH.
    1 Timothy 1:15
    This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save SINNERS, of whom I am chief.
    John 15:10
    If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My LOVE, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His LOVE.

  15. Nimbu,

    God did not like the fact that everyone by default was going to hell
    either, that’s why He sent His Son as an alternative, a way out so that we
    wouldn’t have to suffer for our sins – Jesus paid that price for us. Sin is
    horrible, but it happened because of the choice Adam and Eve
    made and now the entire human race is suffering. But Jesus bore every sin for us and it killed Him, but the grave could not hold Him. He did this because He loves you so very much and He didn’t want to spend eternity without you.

    And yes, you can go the route of “if this is all true why would He create
    the Devil?” If He chose not to, no one would have known and sin would
    never have existed; but because He is a just and fair God He did not
    want to take away our choice. We have a choice to believe in Him, to
    follow Him, and to honor His law and accept that the penalty of sin is
    death; but we live by the blood of Christ and we are made pure. If He
    choose to never let the evil of sin into existence we would have been
    like robots. We would have loved Him because that’s how we were
    made, we would have never had the choice to follow God or not. You
    can program your computer to tell you it loves you, but does it really? It
    doesn’t have the artificial intelligence to choose not to.

    And it DOESN’T matter that you’re gay.. it doesn’t matter that
    you’ve probably broken many of God’s laws – we all have. He will take
    you just as you are. I speak from experience.. I’m a lesbian and I have been out for about 12 years. My sexuality is between God and I and we are working on things one step at a time. God will take you just as you are, but He won’t leave you that way. You are His precious son..

    Jesus loves you with an infinite love Nimbu, so much that He gave you
    the choice to be like you are now, believing everything we’ve said is
    absurd and comparable to fairy tales. I know you probably won’t
    believe anything I’m saying, but what if, think about it.. just what if this IS in fact the truth? I doubt you’re 100% sure that God doesn’t exist..

    I hope you will find Him someday. Nimbu, you mean the world to Him
    and He will always be waiting for you. He loves you, and so do I. You
    will be in my prayers..


  16. Michelle,

    Thank you for your response. I admire the fact that you’ve come to a safe place in your life. I don’t doubt that you are at peace with your belief. However, your firm belief in something doesn’t make it true.

    Your concluding remarks hint of Pascal’s wager. If there’s any chance above 0 that a god does exist, then it’s in your favor to believe in a god.


    If i believe in god and
    a. he exists = I go to heaven
    b. he doesn’t exist = nothing

    if I don’t believe in god and
    a. he exists = I’m screwed
    b. he doesn’t exist = nothing

    Therefore it’s better to believe than not to believe – just in case he does exist!

    What confuses me is that you continue to believe that your Christian god loves you, when it is pretty clear in the Bible that you’re going to hell. You are beyond saving. How do you reconcile that? I don’t know what church you belong to, but it seems pretty clear that most “Christians” lean towards intolerance of homosexuality. Just look at all of the laws that came into being just over that last 5-8 years banning gay marriage. Outright banning it.

    It appears that the vast majority of the Bible-thumping public is against you.

    You may be able to ignore the passages in the Bible that hate you for what you are…but I can’t ignore them.



  17. so why would you want to risk the fact of not knowing GOD!? if you are going to get screwed, then why not believe in him. And for your information, if you do not know God, something WILL happen….trust me on that. Romans 3:23- For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. You can’t escape God. He made you. You do not reign supreme, no human does. You were made from the dust of the ground by God and he decides your existence. God really does love you, but I have hope that he can open your eyes to see that He is there, the best friend you will ever have. I am married to my wife, who is my best friend, but even she can’t be EVERYTHING i need her to be and listen ALL the time, or take my sins away…..but i have a God who CAN. how freaking awesome! I am so proud to call myself a Christian, no matter what logic you have come up with to convince ppl otherwise. God is real, I have experienced him in my life time adn time again, and seen amazing things happen. What a hope that you can have in God. If I was to live this life with no hope of anything after it, what a miserable life that would be. All the work, hardtimes, and death you have to experience….and then NOTHING!! that’s it?!? no way! i have the hope of Jesus Christ and being in his presence forever. I will pray for you and I am confident that God can change your heart, he did mine, as well as many others.

  18. What confuses me is that you continue to believe that your Christian god loves you, when it is pretty clear in the Bible that you’re going to hell.

    Nimbu, please provide a BIBLICAL reference to the statement that you have made above. I challenge you to find something that can clearly defend that statement, because in the Bible I read, it’s pretty cut and dry that if you choose sin, you choose hell…..if you choose God, you choose eternity. Choosing God means following God and forsaking sin.

    Please explain.

  19. Lev.18:22
    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature. And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

  20. I stated a couple postings above that God does love you, but if YOU yourself choose to sin, then you choose your destiny. God does not make you do the things that you do. Everyone has a choice to make. Obviously, homosexuality is an abomination!!! Men and men can not produce offspring together, neither can woman and woman. It is lust and sin. It is not the plan God had for his creation. We as humans, because of our choice to sin, have distorted God’s plan and lusted after the wrong things, like homosexuality. If everyone in the world was homosexual, how could the world continue??? Families would cease to exist! That is why God says, for a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife….not his husband or gay partner…his WIFE. Your above Bible verses are not sufficient to back up your points…again I will say, Romans 3:23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. God does not send you to hell, you send yourself. I went through 12 years of Christian school and 4 years of Christian college. I will challenge you with any statements you make. I have a copy of God’s word next to me at my desk if you’d like to continue to bash me.

  21. Pascal’s wager is a dead-end street. Once you fall for that argument, then which “god” do you believe in? All religions are man-made and inherently flawed. Just look at the contradictions in the old/new testament, the quran, etc. If you don’t see any contradictions, you’re not reading carefully enough.

    There’s plenty of insane stuff in both the old and new testament. Read – with your mind open. Don’t cherrypick stuff you want to believe and ignore the rest.

  22. Here’s one of my favorites. God’s pretty mean in this one:

    a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother … Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city … And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die. Deuteronomy 21:18-21


  23. Oooh, here’s another. No wonder Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays!

    They found a man that gathered sticks upon the sabbath day. … And the LORD said unto Moses, The man shall be surely put to death: all the congregation shall stone him with stones…. And all the congregation brought him without the camp, and stoned him with stones, and he died; as the LORD commanded Moses. Numbers 15:32-56

  24. With literally millions of atheists in this country, you’d need a lot of stones:

    “He that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him.” — Leviticus 24:16

  25. It just keeps getting better:

    And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? … Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. — Numbers 31:15-18

  26. I can only feel sorry for you, honestly. hopefully one day you will find out that God really does love you, but since it is you who is cherrypicking through the Bible YOURSELF, finding scriptures that you are taking way out of context, and trying to blaspheme God with all of YOUR own ideas, when it is GOD who gave you your intelligence and everything you possess…you will NEVER know the truth until you realize that God really does love you. There are SO many scriptures that talk about God’s love and SO many that talk about his anger as well. God is just. He hates sin. What do you expect? Him to not talk about sin!?? what if he never mentioned it? sin is wrong! he simply is giving warnings to you about sin. He explains in detail exactly what you need to know to go to heaven, and it is NOTHING that you can do. If we were so perfect, then we would live FOREVEr…but we don’t. we die! God is eternal, and that is why I have chosen to trust him. I would be so scared if I was you, not knowing God, and talking about him the way you do. One day you may regret it, when your time has run out. Please consider God. He loves you!!!

  27. I’m not only pointing out ridiculous punishments – that are barbaric, I’m pointing to stuff that you guys consider sin. I’m not taking stuff out of context – I put the origin of the quote so that you can put it in context yourself. Why would I fill up my blog with pages of stuff just to point out how absurd a few sentences are?

    Look. Do you actually believe that drinking and glutony are sins? Punishable by death!!!!????? Come on. I’m not cherry picking. You argue against these absurdities by pointing out all the “good” stuff and how it outweighs this nasty stuff. By that logic, you do admit that this is pretty nasty stuff.

    Let’s take for example the 10 commandments. Which, by the way, most Christians cannot even recall.

    1. Have no other gods before me [the God of the Hebrews].
    2. Make no images of anything in heaven, earth or the sea, and do not worship or labor for them.
    3. Do not vainly use the name of your God [the God of the Hebrews].
    4. Do no work on the seventh day of the week.
    5. Honor your parents.
    6. Do not kill.
    7. Do not commit adultery.
    8. Do not steal.
    9. Do not give false testimony against another.
    10. Do not desire another’s wife or anything that belongs to another.

    Notice only 6, 8 and 9 are illegal! Thank god (pun intended) we’re not stoning adulterers. Again – where to find all the rocks!!!

    • Nimbu I am sorry because I don’t think the Christians here are helping you at all to understand. Yes they did terrible things in the old testament, but in Christianity we believe what Jesus said, and that is that even if you sin you will be forgiven, and he showed that when he stopped the stoning of an adulterer. God gave those rules to people along with the free will to follow them. What you seem to think is that people today are cherry picking out of the Bible, when it seems that’s what people were doing in the Bible. The Ten Com mandments are directly from God, and homosexuality was not disalowed in them, so it is entirely possible that it was a fabrication my some prophets based on their personal beliefs. Even if it is a sin, along with all others, God will forgive you if you ask him to, and I have faith that only those who truly deserve it will be sent to hell.

  28. In the Bible, God tells us to be of sound mind and to not be filled with whine, but rather, with the Holy Spirit. If I were to be drunk, how could I be of sound mind and be of God?! the two are both separate! not to mention hypocritical…as Christians, we are to be DIFFERENT than the world, which is why we don’t conform ourselves to doing the things that most people like to do. WOW! I didn’t know that you knew that many Christians! since you classify that most Christians can’t recall the commandments, you must know a lot! That is MUCH to vague of a statement. Just because the world has classified three of the commandments as illegal and a man-made system has decided what can and cannot be done in society, does not mean that we shouldn’t follow them and that they are acceptable before God. Again, God and man — two different things. You look at a lot of the old testament, however, if you were to study the context of the days in the OT, that was their customs. Women wore hats and coverings in the church, today it is not our custom to do that. Societies, fads, and styles come and go, but it’s God’s grace that is eternal!

  29. WINE***

  30. So if it were up to you and your god, we’d be stoning adulterers and Sunday workers?

    Yes or no.

  31. Plus I thought the Bible was for all time. But you say that the old testament was designed only for that period of history? Can’t have it both ways man. By that logic, what pieces of the old testament would you keep and what would you throw away. Thus producing a man-made product.

  32. The old testament as a history book is not a valid answer…

  33. dude! you’re ridiculous! but it’s ok! I am still hoping that God will be able to help you. I don’t have all the answers, i’m just as human as you are. I make mistakes, stumble, and SIN alot….never been stoned though. and obviously God would never conusult me on whether or not to stone someone. I think he does just fine making decisions on his own. Dude, i can’t make you understand anymore than you can make me understand what you believe. There are times in history, where things are done in society that differ from time period to time period. I don’t understand why they stoned in those days?!?! just like I don’t understand why they did the gallows in the 1500’s in England?!? Do you think that’s proper to do?! And today, they do lethal injections! THINGS CHANGE! but God doesn’t. Maybe we should be stoning if that’s what he decided on in early days! you don’t have all the answers either! just realize that and we will all do better. The way your website works is that you get to bash everyone and then ridicule their beliefs. I’m here to tell you that your day is coming!

  34. What if you’re right?
    And he was just another nice guy
    What if you’re right?
    What if it’s true?
    They say the cross will only make a fool of you
    And what if it’s true?

    What if he takes his place in history
    With all the prophets and the kings
    Who taught us love and came in peace
    But then the story ends
    What then?

    But what if you’re wrong?
    What if there’s more?
    What if there’s hope you never dreamed of hoping for?
    What if you jump?
    And just close your eyes?
    What if the arms that catch you, catch you by surprise?
    What if He’s more than enough?
    What if it’s love?

    What if you dig
    Way down deeper than your simple-minded friends
    What if you dig?
    What if you find
    A thousand more unanswered questions down inside
    That’s all you find?

    What if you pick apart the logic
    And begin to poke the holes
    What if the crown of thorns is no more
    Than folklore that must be told and retold?

    You’ve been running as fast as you can
    You’ve been looking for a place you can land for so long
    But what if you?re wrong???????????

  35. Preacher Steve, do tell what are the commandments by Jesus.

  36. If I’m wrong, then god will know of all the good I’ve done and I’ll be admitted into heaven.

    If I’m wrong, and god says that I deserve hell because I never acknowledged him, then god sucks! And I’ll enjoy hell.

    If you’re wrong, then tens of millions will have died because of your belief in a god.

    I hope I’m wrong, because if you’re wrong….

  37. Steve, If someone can make you believe in one absurdity, then it can make u believe in many more. First they make u believe in god & then the rest follows.

    Since u have decide to put all your rational mental faculties to rest, their is nothing anybody can do about it.

    Let me reiterate .. Yes its time now to bash & ridicule all the belief systems & respect only knowledge. You are right steve ” our time has come”. God will be out lawed soon.

  38. Ok — now where you seem to be wrong AGAIN — no one has made me believe in anything – get that right! I have experienced God on my own — found Him on my own — and continue to live for him on my own. As if this were a cult? not at all. I am a very down to earth person who simply has found truth in life. You will never know until you experience God first hand working in life. He’s the air I breathe — the water I thirst for — and most importantly, the ground where I walk. Are you kidding me…this life is terrible — and to think I have but 80 + years to enjoy wars, death, work, etc..and then die? No way! I have something to look forward to. What is it that you look forward to? What do you trust in?

  39. FYI – from memory –

    1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    2. Thou shalt not make for thee any graven images
    3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    4. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy
    5. Honor thy father and mother, that thy days may be long upon the earth
    6. Thou shalt not lie
    7. Thou shalt not steal
    8. Thou shalt no murder
    9. Thou shalt not covet (or be jealous of another’s possessions)
    10. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

    – These are God’s commandments, but I have broken them — although not all. God is so much more than just a being with a rod to strike at me every time I break these or any sins — He is a forgiving and loving God — who hates sin and does not tolerate when people continue to desire to sin. He understands our weaknesses. Remember God did live on the earth for 33 years until his crucifixion. He was tempted in the desert by Satan for 40 days with not being able to eat. God was tempted, but chose not to sin. He knows our struggles and will forgive

  40. God does NOT care about all the good you have done. Your righteousness is as filthy rags to God — There are none righteous, no not one. Good will not get you to heaven — only God’s grace and you asking forgiveness.

  41. yep, ask a question and it is avoided. The question was ‘what are the commandments by Jesus.’ and on there is only two. Althought the number can be esxpanded to 7 on a pinch.

    “‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?’ Jesus replied: ‘”Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.’”

    -Matthew 22:36-40

  42. All u say or write is subjective & the TRUTH is not subjective. Its like 2+2=4 same for everyone & in any era.

    Most of what u write is emotional rant, no proof only relative.

    I can assure you that neither u nor ur book or ur lord will be able to address simplest of objections or contradictions. Test it out urself.

    Consider this… quoted from ur post above
    “1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    2. Thou shalt not make for thee any graven images”

    Why?? …. is he narcisistic or jealous , may be insecure…….

  43. I guess I serve a jealous God then ….

    “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them:
    for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the
    iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and
    fourth generation of them that hate me;”
    Exodus 20:5, KJV

    “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose
    name is Jealous, is a jealous God:”
    Exodus 34:14, KJV

    “For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous
    Deuteronomy 4:24, KJV

    “Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them:
    for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the
    iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and
    fourth generation of them that hate me,”
    Deuteronomy 5:9, KJV

    And I will be emotional when my God is mocked — don’t you worry about that. I would give my life for God’s name

  44. Similarly , hindus & buddhists are emotional when their idols are mocked by the so called gods, osama & his cohorts are in complete harmony with their god & book, aztecs used to pull out throbbing hearts of the victims & offered them to their gods & tribals across the world used to offer human sacrifices ….. etc etc… all in good faith . they did all this to enter heaven & be close to their god.

    Such ignorants are always ready to give their life for gods.. this theme is common & cuts across races, continents….

    Grow up steve……

  45. Grow up? dude — i can not even believe I am still talking on this thing — i have never encountered such blasphemers of God ever in my life. Yes, you are right, I may not have all the answers to all of your questions — but I have a hope for my future. That future is heaven. At least I can walk through life having a hope of something that is eternal, since EVERYTHING on earth here is temporary. I am very ignorant to a lot of stuff with other religions, and do not have the time to study up on all religions and beliefs, but I do my best to know the word of God and what it says — all I can do is study that and know the truth for myself. If I’m not grown up at this point in my life, then there is a problem…so I’m sorry to give you the idea that I’m immature — but trust me I am far from it. I just have never encountered a site like this where people hate God and don’t believe in Him — it’s very frustrating. But I will tell you that God is there for you. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and I have seen his hand work in my life. God loves you.

  46. As i said earlier if u close ur eyes & ears to reasoning … ur choice .

    If u require faith to be a good person , keep believing…….

  47. John 3:16…

    God loves us soooo much.
    There are no words too describe the depths of his LOVE.


  48. Steve

    No offense intended here dude and i feel what your saying… i know life sucks… but as far as not studying all religions… how then can you have true faith when you don’t even know what your up against? honestly jews are not christians and they have suffered more than any christians ever could have for their god. So if they dont choose christ they go to hell? Being far more adamant in following the same god as christians? You have 10 commandments? They have many many more. Most christians preach that christ saves …. if you follow him… How many christians give up there lives…. everything they own…. and there families to follow christ? What’s more important to give up your family and follow christ or to teach your children of god? Who is to support your family? Can only the rich truelly follow christ? Christ claims to be for the poor but god says to provide for your family…. how can you provide if christ wants you to leave them?

    Learn your religion dude… and learn the foundations of it…. not just what it is today… don’t read and follow others words…. read and find your own meaning…. no one can teach you about god…. only you… and frankly judging from what you say your just trying to be a good christian… but a good christian gives up his life and HATES this one and everything in it but god…. Heck corinthians tells you you shouldnt even marry or have children even tho the old testament god tells you that is the PURPOSE of women… to be a companion for men and to bear children…. it tells you that women are unclean and filthy and we should avoid them…. so then god made women solely to tempt us? Even tho from his own mouth they are to be our companions?

    seriously lol don’t just listen to the good…. dont believe anything and only seek and you will find your answers.

  49. Oh and my opinion on homosexual’s…. love and lust are 2 different things… does a homosexual not love his mother? To love something and to want to have sex with it are very different… and i’m sure there is a respective female comparison to any male personality.

    So in turn since it is only lustful and any woman can be found with similar interests as any man then you have to go with basic logic… if we want to call it good then everyone in the world should be able to do it and have no consequences…. and… if everyone in the world was gay…? So i guess that’s where i stand… seems only logical that altho it does happen it shouldnt be something that is promoted… altho i dont think we should hate people for doing it… i certainly don’t think we should promote it either.

  50. i htate homo things and i am an athiest. homo things are filthy n disgusting…..yeeeeeeh

  51. You know I have always read that only the rightgeous will make it to heaven and that there will be few of them. After reading this, I now truly believe it.

  52. look.
    all you just need to worry about yourselves.
    just because the bible says things about homosexuals, does not mean that God intended for it to be written.
    i’m 14 and i’m homosexual.
    you guys do not know what God thinks.
    all you know is whats written.
    i’m scared for my life.
    llike who you want. hate who you want to hate.
    just don’t go around posting it on the internet.

  53. I think that one of the biggest problems is that when everyone speaks of Christianity or God, or Jesus, they immediately think “Love”. Yes God/Jesus does love everyone but He is not just about love. He is also a God of wrath and anger. On Judgement day whether it is when we die or at the end of the world, we will “ALL” have sins that we have to answer for. If we have accepted God’s free gift of salvation and gave our best effort to reform by “going and sinning no more” as he instructed, then He will know us like a parent full of love knows their child. However if we have not acceted His free gift and all that follows by being obedient to His laws through His Word, then He will not even know who we are.

  54. Their is no way to prove me wrong when I say God is the most evil person that ever existed. It is all lies that he loves, has mercy or any other false thing the bible speaks of. What did he want to achieve with Adam and Eve never eating from the tree of good and evil. The tree wouldnt have staed there for a little while. God has a pure evil plan with the world and knows what will happen in the future. He cursed every poor living thing including the animals. But the sickest thing of this tyrant is the hell he is allowing on innocent children. I blame noone for their sins because god wont give away our sin nature before we score enough to finaly die and burn in hell. I gives sinners a get out of jail free card by forgiveness through Jesus. But dont worry, the existance of Good can even otherthrow an all-powerful god as long as revenge, hate and suffering does not persist. Good will overcome God!

  55. I’m 14 and am homosexual and I have only recently allowed myself to beleive in God. I and many other people know that there is alot to say that can “prove” to people that God exists but if God created free will then doesn’t that mean that we should make our own decisions on whether God exists and not leave it to other people to manipluate those decisions for us. if it turns out that God doesn’t exist then we have absolutely nothing to lose at all(bearing in mins that that’s not the proper attitude to live by).

    I’m not sure on the whole God not loving homosexuals problem but like i’m just a kid stated I too am scared for my life and my soul because i’ve read about the exodus thing were they help homosexuals “repent” and turn to hetrosexual. Now even if it does boil down to something to do with our childhood I don’t think you can truly change a person once he/she is who he/she is. Now speak to God every day, whether it’s brief or a full-on conversation and even though he doesn’t speak back I still get the great feeling of knowing that he knows I love him if you know what I mean.


  56. All my life I have been condemed for something I never asked for and during my childhood I spent night after night praying in front of a big picture of Jesus to help me, change me, save me….

    I’m a grown woman now, have been condemed by my entire family, neighbors, childhood friends, and every church I’m not welcome in..including my nephew who is a Free Will Baptist minister. How could people believe this is a choice?

    All I can say is, I will always believe in and love JESUS with all my heart. I am so sorry there is no hope for me. But no matter what, I will always believe and still love HIM, even from a lake of fire. If that is where GOD believes I deserve to be.

    I have always been told, GOD loves everyone except you…and in my heart, but never out loud for free of the abuse, I would say in my mind…but I love HIM…


    • Listen, everyone who is homosexual and lesbian, that’s enough. god does not hate you nor does he find any of that an abomination. Your family is lying to you Reta.

      I’m a hetero, but I have a gay friend, and it’s pretty much proven god loves him. All of his prayers have been answered and so on. His family is giving him problems as well, but guess what? The bible has been edited over time.

      Being gay or les is not a choice, but is predetermined through our genes and mental stability. We cannot control what or who we like or who we are. It’s just there.

      Do not be discouraged by any of this. god does love you. And you will be going to heaven believe it or not.

      As for the nonbelievers, they will be too. Everyone is going to heaven. So these silly nonbelievers can say all they want how they “know” god doesnt exist, and that science “proves” that, yeah let me tell ya… Evolution is sense, the silly big bang theory is logical…

      Logic is nothing. god is beyond logic. It’s “logical” that someone who falls from 10,000 feet in the air to the ground, would be dead. But this woman survived…

      Don’t pay any attention to the silly christians who say its a sin to be like that and etc. It’s not. It’s perfectly fine.

  57. Reta,

    I was born a sinner, but then I was born again (John 3:3). I repented, and have been washed clean from the inside out. Nevertheless, I still live on this earth, and still struggle with sin.

    Heterosexuals struggle with heterosexual sin. As a Christian, I struggle, but I don’t go out and commit sexual sins. Why would it be any different for a homosexual than a heterosexual?

    Jesus said that you will repent or perish (Luke 13:5). If you repent of your homosexuality, you may never become a heterosexual, but you must stop committing homosexual sin.

    As for where you deserve to be, we all deserve to be in the lake of fire with you. We’ve all broken God’s law, and deserve punishment.

    If you believe in Jesus, that’s great, but even the demons believe and tremble (James 2). Has your belief led you to repentance?


  58. I just recently came out of the closet.. I’m bisexual. I do not believe in “God” because he is unfair and is completely illogical. If “God” is so all-forgiving then why would he banish someone to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity? According to the concept of “no salvation through works” that If Hitler was to repent his sins on his deathbed he would be able to make it to heaven. Yet the Dhali Llama who is almost perfect will burn in “Hell” because he does not believe in God. I don’t see why “God” never helps with real problems like poverty, or hunger. I’ve read the Bible myself and didn’t believe a word!!! All you crazy Bible-thumpers don’t seem to understand that your religion makes no sense. ” ‘God’ loves you,” you all say, but then you say you’ll burn in “Hell” because you’re gay or because you’re a liar or anything like that. Could any of you explain how through Adam & Eve made 2-3 billion people?

    One more question… Does any Christian know what God looks like?

  59. God hates homosexuality, but He does not hate homosexuals. That is a misquote of scripture from anti-Christians!

    • Lame copout. Why punish the sinner then? Why not reprogram his DNA so that men simply are unattractive to other men? Why plant the desire in the man in the first place? If god really hated the sin, men would simply look gross to other men! That’s how you hate the sin.

      I’m not gay, but I think a lot of guys out there are handsome…but I don’t want to have sex with them!!! Ewww. See, I don’t want to have sex with men, not that I’m suppressing my urges better than homosexuals! That’s just stupid.

      What if 2 guys love each other, but never have sex? They’re not committing any “sin” – is it ok then?

  60. First off, how can you bash something without knowing the full extent? Like someone said earlier, you must have knowledge of the entire universe in order to have PROOF that there is no God. But guess what?

    You don’t.

    God DOES have knowledge of the entire universe, which makes him God! He created us and longs for us to seek him out and live by his word.

    The people who have EXPERIENCED God, felt the Holy Spirit, felt his presence, have no doubt because it is a feeling you cannot explain. When you feel God’s presence, you can’t believe the joy and happiness he brings.

    BUT you CHOOSE to find every single way to disprove God instead of placing faith in him so you can have that feeling as well. I hope you experience that one day, because it will show you how incredibly wrong you are. You evidently have not felt it.


  61. You have no proof that a spaghetti monster does not exist – you have to understand and have knowledge of the whole universe to prove that the spaghetti monster does not exit. But you have no PROOF that the spaghetti monster does not exist.

    Prove it.

    Prove to me that the spaghetti monster does not exist.

    You are right about one thing – it’s impossible to prove that something does NOT exist. But that doesn’t make you right that because of that, any imaginary creature you dream up does exist. Just like my beloved spaghetti monster – oh how I pray to thee.

    Forgive me for ever doubting your existence.

  62. I always hated the way the bloke next door mowed his lawn on Sunday morning. Such an annoyance. But what could I do. Then I became a Christian. Excellent! End of problem! I killed him! The “thou shalt not kill” law stayed my smite for a bit. I got around that by doing what other Christians do with difficult questions. I just didn’t think about it. I was a bit puzzled too when I found out the word used to be ‘murder’ and not ‘kill. Someone must have changed it. I thought the words in the Bible hadn’t changed since the original draft.
    I avoided thinking about the bit too in the Bible where O.T. God said he didn’t give humans free will. That meant the neighbour wasn’t actually responsible for his actions I suppose. I just decided that if God had killed all sorts of people, old and young, for even the weeniest of things, if I did it too then I was just being in his image kind of thing.
    The old baby killing, mass murderer said, ‘I am God, I do not change.’ Jesus said that he had come to complete the Law. Love everybody and that, he said though. Never said much about his Dad’s psycho behaviour. I figured it was easier just not to think about all this either. Geez Nimbu: you’re making me think about this stuff. Don’t you realize this is gonna make you go to hell. It’s logical. Just think about it.

    Seriously now. All the Bills and Steves. Don’t stop asking questions. I am not an atheist. I believe the Bible and the churches have been compromised. You can know Christ and God without accepting all that other Satanic nonsense if that is your way. Own your logic and commonsense. It’s those of you who won’t look at this Old Testament stuff which enable horrors like the persecution of Palestinian people. For this you are responsible, and for what you sow you shall reap.

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