Posted by: nimbu | July 15, 2007

What about slavery?

People often ask me why I’m so anti-religion. My replies over the months and years have fermented into this: god loves slaves. In fact, god loves slavery so much, in his last book (according to Muslims), he gave specific instructions on how to treat slaves. Never mind that he never mentions that slavery is bad. People can side-step and dance around other topics in these “holy” books all they want, but there’s one thing that they cannot escape. The clear absence of any passage remotely condemning slavery is significant.

If you’re an ex-Muslim or ex-Christian that’s trying to bone-up on their debating tactics against the believers, practice saying this: “God loves slavery”. I challenge any person to find a passage in the Bible or the Quran that openly condemns slavery and states that slaves should be set free. No fuzzy, gray innuendos; I want god to say straight-up: “Let your slaves go. I don’t like slavery.”



  1. oh yeah. i’ve been raring about that for a long time. even have detailed debate strategies on that one. heh

  2. God does not love slavery. God extolls the freeing of slaves in numerous places. does God love divorce as evidenced by the numerous verses telling us how?

    anybody can knock down a strawman. Your anti-belief is a bit spurious

  3. omar, maybe you’re satisfied with god making the mistake of endorsing slavery instead of forbidding it.

    personally i’d rather follow the higher ideal of strictly forbidding slavery.

    it even sounds absurd telling you that…

  4. Omar,

    Please point to the “number of places” where God tells us to free slaves.

    God never says that owning another person is “bad”. Although, he does want us to treat them nicely. What a kind God.

    I wonder, whether the slave should pray to God as well? It seems a bit sad that one should pray to a God that wants you to be a slave – sorry – a well treated, slave.

    My anti-belief is based on hard-core facts, dude. The fact is, when someone writes something down, it’s there for good. When the “holy” books were written, not many people could read them. The problem with writing stuff down is that one can later go over it with a fine-toothed comb. That’s where these holy books fall apart. Now there’s a permanent record of nonsense. Most religious people, like yourself, have decided not to pay attention to the huge holes in these stories. And after all, all holy books are just that: stories.

  5. Hello, my friends! Interestingly, not only do the Bible and Qur’an not condemn slavery, but apparently even the New Testament condones the abhorrent practice. The Judeo-Christian Bible and Ahadeeth in Islam actually work more like a slavery instruction manual. Many verses guide man on how to be a good slave owner. The fact that Muhammad, during his prophetic career, captured, owned, and kept slaves for himself is very disturbing. I cannot and will not obey such an ignoble man. What are these men even good for?

  6. why are you SO angry at Christians NIMBU!?!?!? the whole entire purpose of this site is for you to ridicule Christians and their beliefs. You have that much time on your hands to worry about this!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t even know how i stumbled upon this site, but it’s ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Steve… your point was well made! i don’t think it was the content though, but the number of exclamation points at the end of your statement. One less and it wouldn’t have been as persuasive.

    Shit, you convinced me. I’m abandoning this blog immediately…. thanks for saving my soul, steve – i’ve obviously found jesus as well, because of you.

    *runs and hugs jesus* yayyyy

  8. Salahudin – ?!?

    I can’t help but be angry at a site that bashes what I believe and actually goes further than that…..BASHED the LORD! who actually died and rose again so that YOU yes YOU! could have eternal life. You don’t hurt me by not believing, you hurt yourself. For Christ Jesus came in to the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. I am no better than anyone else in the world, but I do recognize that I need God! something higher than myself to help me. You think this world just evolved on its own? look around you!?! all the incredible things in the world, the beauty it contains….and you DENY it!? unbelievable.

  9. Dude, relax. If this is the worst anti-religious site you’ve seen, you haven’t been around the internet long.

    Just take a deep breath.

    Count to 10.

    See, don’t you feel better?

  10. The purpose of this site is not to bash your religion. The purpose of this site is to write down my thoughts. It’s not a publication that you buy. So, pretty please, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  11. “who actually died and rose again so that YOU yes YOU! could have eternal life”

    who… me? nah… jesus didn’t love me… no one does… i’m a big sinner and i can’t change. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    “You donโ€™t hurt me by not believing, you hurt yourself. ”

    OUCH!… get it? ๐Ÿ˜›

    “For Christ Jesus came in to the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. I am no better than anyone else in the world, but I do recognize that I need God!”

    hey! you aren’t the chief of me… i’m the chief of you! plus… i’m a bigger sinner.. i DONT believe in god! hah.. can jesus save me?? or are you saying sinners like me are NOT going to be saved!??? ๐Ÿ˜›

    ‘”something higher than myself to help me.”

    yeah… i have one of those.. i call it a roof. it helps me keep the rain off…

    “You think this world just evolved on its own? look around you!?! all the incredible things in the world, the beauty it containsโ€ฆ.and you DENY it!? unbelievable.”

    argument from beauty:

    1-LOOKIT that flower! it’s beautiful! isn’t it!?
    2- er… well
    3- ISN’T iT!??? YES IT IS! SHADDUP!
    4- therefore, god exists….

    “unbelievable”… is right, steve… ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. flowers weren’t what i was talking about…..weak argument. try something like volcanoes, or ya know the millions of gallons of water and the oceans, or maybe the 7 continents?!? they aren’t too unbelievable i guess.


  13. you’re really smart you know that? ๐Ÿ˜›

    alright here’s your requested changed argument:

    1- LOOKIT the volcano! it’s BEAUTIFUL, isn’t it!?
    3- therefore, god exists…


    so is jesus going to save someone who doesn’t believe in him or not? if not, his love is unconditional… aw…

  14. ahhhhhhhhh! Jesus is going to save whoever believes in Him….BUT you have a choice to make. God is ALWAYS there for you, and he desires for every person to come to know Him; however, he won’t make the decision for you. Why is that SO hard to understand? Can I ask, how you think you got here? How in the world can you look at this beautiful world and make the assumption that it just happened. or look at the human body and see how amazing it is and how detailed. How can you explain that to me? what better than GOD could have done that!?!? please tell me so I can be convinced “salahudin” — or whatever it is…

  15. Evolution?

    Certainly wasn’t some bearded old man that looked like Zeus high above the clouds.

    With all the power that you attribute to god, he certainly has created a lot of flawed organisms. I mean, look at humans, primates, pretty much any other organism on this planet. Each one has millions of flaws. For example, humans have horrible night time vision. Why wouldn’t your god give us better vision? Why have cancer? Why have disease at all?

    Seems that you’re getting lost in all the “beauty”, but forget that there’s a lot of crap out there. Lots of faulty “design”. So either your god is a clumsy inventor, or there is no god and we’re all simply evolving through time.

    Science is good.

    If people never studied science and just sat on their asses at the amazement of your god’s creations, we’d never have anything! Just look at buddhist monks. They spend their entire lives trying to get “enlightenment”. Meanwhile, whenever they need to call their family members, they’re relying on hundreds of years of anything but worship. They’re relying on science.

    Imagine if we as humans never wanted to understand electricity. We believed that whenever there was lightening, that was just god being angry with something we did. This blog and your comments wouldn’t exist! We’d be trying to read by candle light and sending messages via the pony express!

  16. By the way, any response to my flawed organism questions cannot be:

    “It was god’s will. That’s why there’s disease.”


    “He works in mysterious ways”

    Or anything else that doesn’t answer my questions

  17. God gave man the world to develop! The order of creation! 7 days….on the sixth day God made man and woman after he had already created the world. He made man to have dominion and to develop the earth….but we all know the story, and I believe it with all my heart….that Eve was tempted with the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and SINNED! therefore making the world to be imperfect…….thorns growing on roses, man working by the sweat of his brow, woman to bear children with pain… one man sin entered the world, the Bible says….there became an imperfect world due to the fact that Eve didn’t obey a simple command of not eating the fruit that God asked her not to eat. We are not perfect because we sin. Christians like to call this the FALL OF MAN what Eve did. God made a perfect world, but because of man’s choice to sin, we fell and it became imperfect.

  18. and btw, don’t refer to my God as a bearded old man…i would never insult what you believe as God, only tell you what I believe. that is very disrespectful.

  19. Dude,

    You’re on an ATHEIST BLOG. You’re supposed to be insulted, because I don’t believe as you do.

    Oh and by the way, looking at your story from an outsider’s perspective, it sounds like fictitious children’s story. Try understanding any other religion other than your own and you’ll see why I find all religions silly.

    Just try to understand, for example, Hinduism – BLUE MONKEYS RULE!!!!

  20. steve i try my best to be a good man but i don’t believe some long haired hippy lookin dude died for MY mistakes… heck i wasn’t even born then. furthermore if he claimed he created the world… my response isn’t to believe in him or worship him, but to befriend him so that the next time he makes a trip, he shares those mushrooms with me too! no, seriously… that makes more sense.

    so, if i fail to be a good man, it’s because i make mistakes. so why should i be sent to hell because i didn’t believe in some “thing” that PEOPLE claim created me? hmm? what kind of a sadistic god would do that?

    “jesus LURVES you but he’s going to send you to hell for not believing in him!”

    well i don’t go around claiming i LURVE people but i wouldn’t send even people who hate me to hell.

    guess that makes me more loving than jesus.

    worship me instead, steve. at least you can prove someone talks back to you when you speak out…

  21. I can’t even stomach you…

  22. and i just ate you alive…

  23. oooo man you got me there. that hurt so bad. Ya know it’s a shame I have the maker of the universe here on my side, to defend me. and all you have are words that mean NOTHING!

  24. he didn’t seem to give you the wit to defend yourself eh? but it’s not like he’s doing a great job of it either! lol.

    is he sitting on your shoulder right now? behind you? in your pant pocket? bet he’s hugging you right now, isn’t he? he lurves you… yummyyyyy!

    maybe you two should get a room?

  25. The presence of humans itself is the biggest proof that god doesn’t exist, let alone the kind of powers to break hearts &necks which humans have been ‘blessed’ with

    for those who believe in god:

    happy god’ing!

    leave us alone, you dumbs

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