Posted by: nimbu | July 6, 2007

Halal food?

Living in the US, pigs are everywhere! They’re in my Twinkies, french fries, burgers, breakfast foods – they’re everywhere! Why does God hate pigs? I don’t get it. If he’s God, why didn’t he make pigs just a little bit cleaner, so that I could enjoy wonderful, tasty bacon? Mmmm, bacon.

So I’m at a bar-b-q at my parents house over the 4th. Tradition – just like most other Americans. My mom likes to shop at halal grocery stores where they have special halal meats. What is halal? According to my dear friend Wiki (and the Quran):

“He hath only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that on which any other name hath been invoked besides that of Allah. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits – then is he guiltless. For Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful”[Qur’an 2:73]

Damnit. Why swine?

So back at the bar-b-q, mom brings out marinated “halal” chicken. I slap it down on the grill. After a couple of minutes, blood starts to ooze from the meat. Disgusting! I tell my mom that this is horrible – haram food doesn’t do this! We got into a lengthy discussion about how God didn’t know about organic and non-organic meats. He only tells us not to eat pig. Oh, he does teach us how to “sacrafice” food: allowing for the blood to completely drain from the body before cooking. Aparently, our “halal” butcher forgot about that part!

I asked her: What’s better? What they feed the chicken (antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, etc.), or how they kill that chicken? Would you rather have a “halal” chicken that’s loaded with sodium, nitrates, antibiotics, steroids and “god” know what else? What gives? Shouldn’t God have also prohibited antibiotics and steroids in the Quran? He probably didn’t know the future. Oh wait…



  1. yum. i love pork. islamic republic is just intolerable! argh!

  2. I love pigs–and cow, and cat, and squirrel, and rabbit, and sheep.

    And no halal person has a problem with my cooking. And no blood ever oozes out of anything in my kitchen.

    I am a vegetarian.

  3. i am a muslim turned athiest, but hate pork. its just personal liking and disliking in my case that’s all

  4. i was muslim but im an atheist now.i told everyone in my family that im an atheist.i love to drink so what.
    why pork is haram in islam coz when u eat pork u became shameless and do groupsex thats wt the mufti says,
    i know some muslim guys they never had pork but they had group sex many dont blame pork.its human nature.
    u can eat everything anywhere anytime.

  5. Thai pork curry is really good.

  6. There’s actually a good bit of debate even amongst non-Muslim, non-Jewish health-conscious people about whether pork is healthy. I read someplace that the meat contains proteins that aren’t that compatible with the human digestive system. I don’t know if that’s true, mind you, but if it is, it might come of the pig being omnivorous. It’s the most widely-consumed land animal that is. Other than that I really don’t know.

    I’ve heard it posited that pork became taboo either because pigs sometimes eat human corpses (truth–the wild ones have), or because pork is reminiscent of human flesh (hence the slang term “long pig” for human meat). Most people don’t want to be cannibals so there you go.

  7. I am a vegetarian who ONLY eats pork. LOL. Thats what I tell muslims when they ridicule my veggie food habits. I am also a killer, Cant kill chicken ; can kill humans

  8. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

  9. who want more pork ?

  10. I don’t eat pork because I actually love pigs so much. They look so innocent.

  11. For the Muslims turned athiest- shame on you.
    For the Muslim condeming Twinkies– better read the package again. They are now only using Beef products.

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