Posted by: nimbu | July 6, 2007

Burka please?

I hate the burka. I’m seeing unsettling pictures on TV where women are running around my former home of Pakistan wearing the burka in Islamabad. How sad. Pakistanis have worked so hard to rid themselves of this silly, religious leftover. I know personally that many (probably most) Pakistani women hate the burka.

On a slight tangent: I was discussing with my family how sharia law is insane – just like Old Testament laws are insane. Many of them instinctively jumped to the defense of old-school Islamic laws. Clearly, they hadn’t read a word of it. They’ve just been spoon-fed fluffy details by mullas. “Oh, you don’t have to read it, it’s way too complicated. Just believe that it’s God’s law.”

“Oh, ok. If you say so.” (I say with a sarcastic smirk)

It’s insane to punish people with death for something silly like adultery. Why does anybody care whether or not somebody has sex? What business is it of theirs? Is having sex with someone other than your partner worthy of a death punishment? Maybe your wife wants to kill you, but does the government actually have to kill you? Believe it or not, it is also Christian doctrine that promotes killing the adulterer. Even though, it’s understood that it’s really the women who commit adultery that are killed. The civilized world has moved away from such barbaric beliefs. In the west, it is not illegal to commit adultery; even though all of the “big” religions say that it is.

I’m still perplexed as to why God cares about people having sex? Anybody care to help me out here? Shouldn’t he be worrying about really big subjects, like AIDS, cancer, starvation, etc.?

Back to the burka: It’s becoming more and more apparent that Europe is going to swing towards Turkish law banning burkas. I don’t blame them. It’s not a symbol of Islamic identity – it’s a symbol of male-oriented religious oppression of half of God’s creatures. Fucking idiot mullas would have you believe that it’s to protect women from the nasty glares from men. So it’s the fucking men that are the problem, again! So, in order to protect my female friends from the dirty looks from men, they need to cover themselves from head-to-toe? How about I just kick their asses if the look at them funny? I’d love to do that. Oh, God, how I’d love to do that! Even better, how about we just keep our women locked up, away from everybody! Man this blog is making me soo mad.

I need a break.



  1. Where did you found this?
    can you cite me verses (NT) challenging the killing of the adulterer?
    do not mess it with islam…
    As far as I know, Jesus abolished stoning…first read and only after write, dear atheist:)
    btw – i have grown up in an “atheist” country, atheism is just one next man made “man/religion” – with prophets, saints and all the stuff…:)

    have nice day

  2. i am an athiest and in favor of burka and scarfs…..come on!!! you know the reason. why ignore the good sides of it?

    not talking of you as i take you as my own brother…consider a person who hates burka and doesn’t allow his sisters and mother to wear it before going to the zoo for a picnic. there also comes a sexually frustrated asshole, who just gets too much fascinated by the firmness of the breasts etc of that burka-hater’s sisters and mother…he just can’t get over it and …. you can, just don’t say that rapists do not exist….its just god who doesn’t exist, all others do.

  3. I so don’t agree with the thwo commenst above. It’s the voince of unreason. I could go on ranting, but I want to save my breath.

  4. Have2Care:
    ” why ignore the good sides of it?”

    The good sides of the burkha .. errr, ummm where the hell do see the good sides of a burkha. It is Male-chauvinism at its peak, surprising the female race is all it does. Putting the burkha aside for ONE second, in Islam, women aren’t allowed to work if the MALES do, women cant leave the house unless a MALE mehram is with them. A women needs 4 people to testify for her against rape, and guess what, they all HAVE to be MALE. The burkha is just another way of surpressing a woman. If a woman needs to be covered from head to toe to protect her from sexual assault in a certain society, i would consider that society to be barbaric and manaical.

    • Great comment. my kudos t o you.

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