Posted by: nimbu | July 1, 2007

Women of God

Women’s rights (or lack thereof) is what drove me away from Islam in the first place. There are lots of women in my life: wife, mother, sisters, daughters, friends, daughters of friends, wives of friends (no pun intended). Increasingly I found Islam to simply hate women. Islam is not the only one religion that hates women; hatred of women exists in all 3 monotheistic faiths. Oh, many women of “god” will disagree with me, but I think they’ve just been brainwashed into thinking they’ve got it good. Even women of the west, find that Christianity doesn’t hate women. I disagree. Just because Christianity isn’t as backward as Islam doesn’t mean that it’s free of this problem.

I recently read a blog where a journalist was interviewing a Saudi woman who simply loved that fact that she wasn’t allowed to drive, vote, or be seen in public without a brother/husband/father. I believe the quote goes something like this: “Why do I need to vote, when my husband represents me?” What a magical and fascinating work of nation-wide brainwashing! Let’s break away from the holy-land for a minute: you can see Muslim women all over the world either defending backward ideals, or showing indifference. It’s the vast majority of women in Islam that simply ignore these things that makes it worse. It is the rest of the modern world that has enabled Muslim women to break free of their veils; I find it shameful that more women, and even more men don’t stand up for what is right. Let’s stop being “tolerant” of these backward notions.

Just remember this one rule: Just because it’s traditional, doesn’t make it right. After all, it was traditional for Hindu widows to throw themselves onto the fire at their husband’s funerals.



  1. well stated. thank you.


  2. I was watching the news on the Lal Masjid stand off. I was shocked, when I saw that the madarsaa students were carrying Kalishnovs and Rocket Launchers. But the point of most concern for me was that the burka clad girls were running with Bamboo Canes in their hands. Here in India I have never seen a scene like this.

    saif ahmed

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