Posted by: nimbu | May 20, 2007

Did Limbo ever exist?

I was talking with some Catholic friends regarding the Church’s reversal on the limbo – you know, that place where unbaptized babies are sent when they die. Now, I’ve been a big critic of the Catholic church, specifically regarding important social issues such as birth control, homosexuality, women’s rights, and more. I never thought that the church would ever change their stance on any topic, clinging to the “slippery slope” theory, i.e. if you change one thing, then everything might change.

The Catholic church’s stance is that “it never was church doctrine”! What the fuck! You mean to tell me that hundreds of years of fear-mongering were useless? Millions of new parents all over the world (perhaps billions) worried about having their kids baptized in time for fear that they may wind up in limbo. A claim that limbo never existed comes a day late and a dollar short for all those people.

I wonder how much pain and suffering this non-existent doctrine has caused the poor parents of still-born children, or of children that died before their baptism?

Now that’s the cynic in me talking.

If you look at the glass half-full, you see that the Catholic church can change; even if it is by lying about what it preached in the past. The church has done a great job in convincing its followers that limbo never existed. I hope the church can also have enough balls to come out of the closet and start loving their gay priests and let their people wear condoms!



  1. Of course limbo never existed, its just another religious scam, more superstition, like paying the church money to get less time in purgatory. (purgatory is a great scam though, i which i was heartless enough to do something like that, but i am not religious so i cant do it)

  2. The interesting thing about Limbo is that it resulted from a need to explain why baptism is necessary. If you follow the theological arguments to their ends, it’s difficult to see what good baptism does, so you have a ‘sacrament’ that does nothing supernaturally useful for you.

  3. I think if the Catholic church can change (or at least backpaddle), then there’s hope for all religions.

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