Posted by: nimbu | May 5, 2007

Leaving god – Step 1

Step 1. All holy books were written by men!

Clearly, a god of Abrahamic proportions couldn’t write these books. Step one is to find something in these books that is clearly against logic. The problem with these “men” is that they were just humans trying to be the ghost writer for god. You can clearly see un-godly writing habits throughout these books. It’s like if a teenager tried to forge a note from their mom. The more they include in the note, the higher likelihood that they’ll screw up somewhere.

Islam: Women are inferior to men. The Quran clearly defines rules for marriage and inheritance that couldn’t stand today. When these ghost writers pretend to be god, they wrote for their audience at that time – 7th century for Islam. In those days, it was fine to have multiple wifes and slaves (that you could have sex with, because they belonged to you). Inheritance laws were also dictated in the Quran. Daughters received only a fraction of what the sons received.

Islam: There are special rules for Muhammad’s wives. Now, this is an interesting one because it seems benign. But remember, god theoretically told Muhammad the Quranic verses for all humanity for all time. Why would god include verses that would only be applicable for the next 40 (give or take) years? Once the last wife of Muhammad died, these verses would be utterly useless. Remember, the Quran is not a history book, god wouldn’t dictate something that would only work for the next 40 years. The rules regarding Muhammad’s wives is completely useless information. Relevant to historians, but god wouldn’t make you write it down for all of history!

Christianity: God says that it’s OK to kill your son because he doesn’t listen and because he drinks. It’s clearly wrong to kill your son because he’s a disobedient drunkard. In fact, if you tried to do that in any country, you’d likely end up in jail.

Christianity and Islam: In both cases, god likes to kill off entire races of people because they’re not like you. In fact, god kills off millions of humans and trillions of animals during Noah’s time. That’s just silly.

So this first step helps you identify that these books “could” be wrong about something. And now, the entire book is up for critical analysis. Which parts were authored by god and which were authored by man? Ultimately, Christians and Muslims end up only believing in bits and pieces of their holy books.

For example: Tens (perhaps hundreds) of Millions of Muslims drink – even though it’s forbidden in the Quran. They will pray, do Haj and everything else they’re supposed to do as Muslims, but they’ve selectively ignored this one piece.

Christians no longer stone adulterers and drunk, disobedient sons – even though Deuteronomy tells us to do just that. Tens of millions of Catholics use condoms, masturbate and engage in premarital sex, when their church is clearly against it.

It’s called cherry-picking.



  1. you forgot judaism

  2. My apologies: I thought I’d be “killing 2 birds…” with the use of Deuteronomy.

  3. ahhhh yes! sorry about that… most of us don’t easily recognize the common passages in the old and new testament

  4. Absolutely brilliant line about the teenager forging a note from their mom.

  5. Eh, it’s all more or less Sun Worship anyway. And I didn’t mean Son, I meant SUN. As in the Sun that rises every morning. People would freak out if they found out the Bible has more to do with Astrology than actual history. The link takes you to a documentary called Zeitgeist. It’s free to watch and distribute and it talks about all the major religions and their one common root.

  6. excellent post, nimbu. this was very well thoughtout

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