Posted by: nimbu | April 5, 2007

Thank God things are going my way

The other day, my wife felt sad that she could no longer thank God for “good things”. Something nice had happened and she wanted to thank God. She accused me of depriving her of that. Like me, after much studying, she too had become an atheist last year. I couldn’t help but feel bad.

For a moment.

Then I asked her: “What if something bad had happened? Would you be just as ready to blame God?”

She shook her head “No”.



  1. Although I abandoned Islaam in 2004, even to this day, still I find myself accidentally uttering “alhamdulillah” in an expression of gratitude. For atheists brought up in a Judeo-Christian environment, there are these popular euphemisms:

    ~God: gee, golly, my goodness, goodness gracious, good grief, and oh my gosh!
    ~Jesus: jeez!
    ~Hell: heck!
    ~Holy Ghost: holy smokes!

    There is the cosmic principle or law of karma wherein intentional actions produce inevitable results. In layman’s language, a wholesome deed will beget good, while an unwholesome deed will beget bad. In light of this, one may “thank goodness.”

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