Posted by: nimbu | March 29, 2007

Why didn’t God warn us?

I you were God (or a god), who actually loved his (or her) creation, wouldn’t you want to protect them? I hear the phrase, “we’re all God’s children”. I have children and I don’t think I would ever want any harm to come to them, regardless of what life-lesson they might learn. I’ve heard people of many faiths claim that a given disease is punishment from God (like AIDS, cancer, herpes, etc.). As with many diseases, there’s collateral damage: children, elderly, people that didn’t deserve it, sometimes get it.

Why wouldn’t you put in some safety net? That would protect the innocent. If AIDS was sent by God to punish homosexuals, why do women get it? Why do children get it? Collateral damage. That’s not what the religious call it. They often call it a sad reality, but a necessary punishment. It’s the same mentality many people have about the death penalty, where innocent people occasionally get killed by the state. As long as it’s not one of their loved ones, who cares if an occasional innocent person is killed.

I had a friend of mine actually say this to me: “God sometimes punishes the perpetrators by ‘hurting’ a loved one.”

That’s right, he actually believed that a child gets cancer because of the sins of one or both of their parents. To which I replied – “You’re fucked up. You need counseling.”

One of the things that still baffles me: If there’s a God, why not put into any of the holy books any information regarding bacterial & viral infection, the black plague, the flu virus, HIV, HPV, or countless other preventable diseases.

What about something really simple, like the idea of soap. If I were God and I were to send a messenger (around the time of the prophets), the first thing I would tell him to relay is the importance of soap. I would also include in my book, the proper recipe for a good anti-bacterial soap. One that also leaves your hands soft.

Oh, and I may also put somewhere in my book that the plague will be caused by infected rats. Why kill roughly 75 million people just to teach them a lesson?



  1. Hi

    I dont see the point why you have to write about religion, God,when you want to be an atheist. Why would an atheist keep writing about something he doesnt believe? I just wonder.
    Also why do you say in your header…you continue to convince yourself there is no God…why do you have to convince yourself…having doubts ? 🙂

    i am a christian and I dont have to convince myself that there is one, I know so!

    Just something to ponder

    In Christ

  2. ummm
    i don’t even believe in the conventional definition of god, but i have the same question as Andrea, why exactly do you invest so much time writing about something like this…

  3. I invest my time writing about religion for a number of reasons.

    1. It’s my blog.
    2. Thoughts about god and religion don’t end with the declaration of atheism.
    3. There are a variety of reasons for leaving my religion and I simply want to document them all.
    4. It’s my blog.
    5. I make my blog public and available for comment because there are gazillions of people that haven’t thought of these topics, or may have a different point of view.
    6. Did I mention it’s my blog.
    7. People have doubts all the time. If you never have any doubt about your beliefs, that’s cool for you. But I want to document all of my doubts.
    8. When I was growing up in an Islamic household, these doubts and thoughts came to me, but I suppressed them. Now I’m just letting it all flow.
    9. There are millions of Christians and Muslims that are 100% believers of their religion, yet they all continue to write about their religious experience. I have the same desire to write down my thoughts.
    10. Oh, and I almost forgot: it’s my blog!

  4. I’m with you nimbu, it is a curious thing that Yahweh sends a prophet to tell you not to eat a pig, but neglects the important information about bacteria. I think it is a striking fact that the writings of the sacred authors always match exactly with the state of scientific knowledge of their time. It’s clear in the Bible that the authors think that the sky is a solid object, which has water behind it. They also believe the earth to be a flat disk. One of the authors of the Koran thinks that the purpose of mountains is to keep the earth in place. Why is it that a divine revelation, inspired by God, so wildly misunderstands nature? And yet the same writings contain detailed explanations for what to do with a witch (kill them).

  5. okay i am sorry i realise that i offended you.
    and i don’t mean it sarcastically, i mean i AM sorry.

  6. It’s OK – all is good in the world again!


  7. Very good points you raise there, Nimbu. even i have lots of em more.

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