Posted by: nimbu | March 14, 2007

References for those interested in looking them up

Hitting your wife: Sura 4:34 (

Inheritance: Sura 4:176 (

Killing nonbelievers: 2:191 (

Yup. It’s there.



  1. just took a look at the first sentence of the last quote of yours:

    Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors.

    I am no Scholar but doesn;t this simply talk about self defense? and that too with limits.

  2. That is true that the moderate Muslim interprets this as self defense. It is the crazy Muslim that sees the west and America and Britain as waging some war against Islam. And if you believe that, then you can kill the unbelievers, because you are at war that was started by the west and you are in self defense.

    That’s my problem with this passage and any other that says you can seek out “unbelievers”. Why not be more specific: seek out only those that fight you. Or simply defend yourself only if you are physically attacked.

    By saying seek out unbelievers as a whole category, it makes it ok to kill women and children of unbelievers too. This passage is vague and seems to be the creation of man rather than a God.

    If there was a God, wouldn’t he be more specific so that we humans wouldn’t misunderstand?

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