Posted by: nimbu | February 3, 2007

Modern Islam and Intelligent Design (ID)

If anyone thinks that Intelligent Design isn’t harmful should take a closer look at Islam. What happens when scientists give; saying “I can’t figure this out. It must be God at work.”? When scientific obstacles become too much for any scientists, the natural inclination should be to keep at it until the issue is understood. But ID supporters will tell you that once you and your scientist colleagues have reached your wit’s end, that’s when you can stop worrying; God is the ultimate answer.

Somewhere in Islam’s history, science was forbidden, purely because it contradicted the “miracle” of God. When we tell an entire society to stop thinking, it can have very dangerous results. In the case of Islam, it’s pretty clear. Look at history: Muslim scientists and philosophers are credited with a variety of discoveries, the most important of which was the number zero. So where did we go wrong? When did we tell our thinkers to stop thinking; for God is the answer to everything!

Now the entire Islamic world is codependent. It relies on the science of other countries! Muslims struggle with science throughout the world. One side of the Umma insist that God is the answer to everything, but the other side sees the practicality of science and advancements.

It makes me sad, being an ex-Muslim, to think that we’d squandered the diversity and intellectual prowess we once possessed. Now, Muslims all across the world try to emulate the Wahhabi sect. They dress like them. They eat similar foods. They learn Arabic. They have tried their best to become as Arab as possible; not realizing that being Muslim shouldn’t mean being Arab.

Hundreds of years of intellectual numbness have resulted in an entire religious society that is decades, if not centuries behind the rest of the scientific world.

Look around: the results of ID are all around us. Keep it out of our schools, in every country!



  1. Any culture, religion or group that encourages young people not to use their own mind and decision making ability; to accept ridiculous ideologies based on here say is akin to a dangerous cult in my view. This is rife in all (even the harmless) religions, young children, forced to believe the views of their parents from a young age and discouraged from applying any rational inquiry is why we have religious scientists and why people like Dr. Dawkins say it is akin to child abuse.

    God help (metaphorically of course) any ID proponent who tries to teach this drivel to my child.

  2. It’s been a while; welcome back!

  3. 0 was invented by the Hindus before the Muslims. Your point stands – just a factual correction because I’m anal. 😀

  4. I stand corrected! Thanks.

    I did hear somewhere that they invented women’s rights! 🙂

  5. What is written here about islam is misleading , because the religion itself has no contradiction with any of the science findings , on the contrary, these finding are just proofs for the God power, Muslims once had many scientests , what do you think Algebra name came from?!, the worked in medicine and other science branches, yes Mulsims theselves are weak now for political reasons , but many of thm has taken Noble prize when they found their chances in western country , where they found more care for what they think, Islam itself never stopped any one to think , and when you know it , you will find it a religion that respects logic very much, because when you use logic you will find Islam is right.

  6. Please don’t lie about Islam, can you tell me just one verse from Quran or one Hadith of prophet (PBUH) that tells an entire society to stop thinking! Islam NEVER says such thing ever.

  7. You wrote, “Somewhere in Islam’s history, science was forbidden, purely because it contradicted the “miracle” of God.” Ok, I read about how some Christians today reject scientific evidence that Earth is older than 6000 years; we all know the dark history of the Romanized church in Europe, burning & prosecuting scientists and the likes; but where on Earth exactly did you get the idea that “somewhere in Islam’s history, science was forbidden”??

    Before you make accusatory claims such as these, please double check your sources, and at least provide some references so people can take you seriously, because the alternative is to look like a biased, ignorant, and fanatic bigot. And yes, bigots & fanatics do exist among atheists too; nobody is safe from extremism.

    All you, and anyone else reading these lies, need to do to find out the truth about the history of science among Muslims is to Google “1001 inventions”. Or read some proper book that would tell you that Europe’s “Dark Ages” were Muslims’ Golden Age.

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