Posted by: nimbu | February 1, 2007

Why 1 religion will never rule the world

Ask yourself this question: Why do people leave their home countries? Why did the pilgrims leave for America? Why does anyone ever leave their birthplace for distant lands? Why do Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese want to come to the “west”? Simple answer is this: prosperity and liberation from religious societies. And yes, Communism is a religion.

People like the West for its secular society. While many may think it’s nice to have more of “our” kind here, nobody wants their Western country to become like the home they left! Nobody. In fact, if the U.S. or Europe did become just as dogmatic and as oppressive as their homeland, they are no better off. We (immigrants) love the secular society. Nobody imposes their religion on me. That’s what people all over the world want. It’s not just economics.



  1. True…its not just economics

  2. My friend, I may disagree, though I hope I am wrong.

    What about global war…er…. Climate Change. This new religion of caring, no worshipping our Mother Earth is growing en masse.
    All on dubious information…like, when will AlGore allow his first debate on his ideas?

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