Posted by: nimbu | January 24, 2007

More Insane Bible Stories

Found this on a fellow blogger’s site:

I’m afraid that the title of the site will probably discourage many from even visiting; it does sound a bit harsh. The site itself, however, contains lots of valuable information specifically regarding the insanely horrible things in the Bible.

Everybody assumes that the Bible is full of all goodness; like those wonderful books you find at the doctor’s office. But nothing could be further from the truth.

As a child, I grew up with the story of Noah and his Ark. Now, to those of us who have grown up knowing the story, it’s perfectly plausible that in order to “start fresh”, God decided to pretty much kill everybody and everything! That’s right, innocent men, women and children. But the faithful will have you believe that they deserved death. Insane! Now, I can understand that men were behaving badly…maybe even some women. But children? What the hell did they do? How about all of the innocent animals that Noah could locate? Or what about the animals that were in extreme abundance. He only took 2, so how could he leave a million innocent flies and mosquitoes behind? Now that we’re on that subject, how could he have collected all of the animals that are indigenous to South America? Australia?

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  1. Glad you found it Nimbu. The title does sound harsh but nevertheless the site does contain massive amounts of information about the inconsistencies, lies and fabrications in the bible. Check out Retard of the Month.

  2. Maybe Noa did bring a lot more animials from the dry land, but he and his family eat them up while cruising in the Ark. And left two of each so that they can mate and Noa can continue to eat meat, without killing the whole specie.

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