Posted by: nimbu | January 20, 2007

Why prophets only existed a long time ago…

I find it funny that acknowledged “prophets” existed before photography, the printed word, mass communications, etc. Why did God only send messengers in the days of NO mass communication? And why send messengers that couldn’t write for themselves? Why do we have to rely on the friend of a friend of someone who heard from…

Why send Moses, when the only people to ever know of him during that time were around the middle east? Why send Muhammad, if the only people to ever see him were in Arabia? Why send Jesus, when only a handful of people could hear the message?

I recommend The Life of Brian by Monty Python. One of the earliest scenes in the movie is: A couple find Jesus giving a sermon, but they’re so far back, they could barely make out what he was saying. In stead of “Blessed are the meek”, the couple argue that he said “Blessed are the cheese-makers”. The big-picture point here is that if a person standing a few hundred feet away from the real Jesus could distort his message, imagine what could happen in 2000 years of corruption, re-authoring, censorship, and of course the Vatican?

How come there’s no documented writing from any prophet, or even the “son of God”? Was God, or his Son illiterate? If I were the Son of God, or God, or a messenger of God, I would make 100% certain there’s no ambiguity about my message. The fact is that God doesn’t exist – for if He did, he wouldn’t have picked 2000 years ago as the date to send a messenger.

If I were God, I would’ve sent a mass email to every email account in the world. But spam filters wold probably block me. 😉



  1. What about Pat Robertson? Or Joseph Smith? Mohammed’s writings weren’t documented? I know Philip K Dick’s writings are recorded, many are still in print. Granted there are some problems with a certain Jesus, a complete lack of historical evidence would seem to be a issue. Lot’s of other well documented prophets, a virtual smorgasbord of them to choose from. Hallelujah! JMO Doug

  2. Exactly! I guess the latest prophet with a following would be L. Ron Hubbard.

  3. when we speak of God, it is common notion to say that He is neither bounded of time nor space. in your article, you explicitly deny the existence of God due to His failure of sending prophets during this contemporary time. you implicitly assert that God is bounded of time. God is not God if he is not eternal because anything that is not eternal is not God.
    i don’t think that your proof proves that God does not exist.

  4. I’m not trying to disprove God’s existence. Just like I cannot disprove the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’m also not trying to convince anybody else that their god doesn’t exist. That’s everybody’s personal journey.

    But specifically to your point: It’s easy to explain or excuse such lapses in religions circles by stating that one cannot ever truly understand God. We shouldn’t even try. Oh, and God doesn’t exist in this universe and is not bound by the laws of physics and time. That’s mighty convenient. Using that philosophy, I could, theoretically convince anybody of the existence of ANY documented god, like Zeus or Thor.

    I don’t need to disprove the existence of any god or God; rather He needs to prove himself to me…and so far, the last message he sent was around 1500 years ago – if you believe in Muhammad and more than 2000 years ago, if you only believe in Jesus. And that message, if you read “his books” is full of anger, hate, bigotry, slavery and much more. All you need to do read the Old Testament, the Quran and I guarantee that you’ll find plenty of stuff that we would consider insane by today’s standards.

  5. Depending on what you believe in, there is an extant line of prophets, beginning with Joseph Smith. Smith’s spiritual descendent’s, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) believe that God still gives major revelations (in the 70s he revealed that black people aren’t evil – what a shock), and have a office of “Prophet.”

    On another note, Life of Brian is such a great show – my absolute favorite Monty Python. Have you read Christopher Moore’s “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”? Genius.

  6. Natasha, Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t read Moore yet, but It’s on my list now.

  7. I do not know what my opinions on this are yet.
    But i like your witty way of reasoning. The last line is a killer!

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