Posted by: nimbu | January 19, 2007

God Bless Sam Harris!

The main reason I left my faith is this: God Hates Women. I love women and I think they deserve better than what God has in store for them. Read Sam Harris in the Washington Post (Newsweek):

These “holy” books are clearly written by men. Women of the “books”: RISE UP!



  1. Amen to that!! This point is the main reason I’m trying to give up religion of all kinds.

  2. I’m sorry you feel that way, although the Bible I read shows an amazing amount of Love God has for Women. He favors them and puts them on pedestals (sp).

    Truly if you read the Word of God, in it’s context you would see God’s love for all humankind…

    By the way I think it interesting that you would use the them “God bless…” or “Amen” with such negitive ideas about God…

  3. Amen is a generic word with no religious connotations, so it’s not contradictory in the least.


    Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express assent or approval.
    [Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin mn, from Greek, from Hebrew ‘mn, certainly, verily, from ‘man, to be firm; see mn in Semitic roots.]

  4. Hi mystery, I’m with you, you should for sure give up all religion, God hates religion. Jesus is all about relationships based on His perfect love, not the mess some of us judgemental Chrisians have represented to the world (I’m so guilty, but am learning much). I am greived deeply, and ask for your forgiveness for any and all who may have added to any rejection or judgment that you and Sam may have experienced or witnessed, unfortunatley, we followers of Christ have failed miserably at representing what Jesus is all about. With His Love, bless you.

  5. Thanks prayfirst. I agree one hundred percent with your humility. I’ve lots to learn too and haven’t exactly exhibited these traits either, but other believers could use a healthier dose of it in all religions. I think this is why so many are so angry.

    Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  6. The fact is that nobody really knows what Jesus was really about. The only guide we have is the Bible, and it’s been translated and modified over 2000 years. In fact, the first recollection of Jesus didn’t get documented until well after his death. Where do you (prayfirst) get your “true” Jesus message from? Is there some version of the Bible that I might have missed?

    Whenever there’s a problem within the King James Version, or any version for that matter, people claim to “know” what the real Jesus was all about. I find that puzzling, since there’s no record of it.

    It’s like trying to reconstruct something that might as well have happened 3000 years ago. Since nobody’s around to document events, everything is filtered through word of mouth. By the time somebody actually writes it down, it’s no longer the same message.

    Personally, I find it extremely ODD that “God” would send a messenger in the days of very poor literacy and virtually no mass communications?!?!

    If God was really smart, he would’ve sent his “son” in the 21st Century, where it would be easier to spread the “word”.

    I think I’ll write another post about that topic alone…

  7. Hi Nimbu, I wish I had even a few answers to your good questions. The only thing I can say is that I know and love God. I don’t know all there is to know, but I have spoken much with Him, and He speaks to me everyday. I don’t always listen and obey, but I have a personal reltionship with Jesus Christ, who is revealed to me by the Holy Spirit.

    All three are called the Triune God because they are all one God, but they are aslo separate, the Trinity. I was saved by grace, through FAITH, which is how I know Jesus. It is easy to reject this faith, I have 5 sons, one who asks the same kind of questions that you do. The bible says that His ways are higher then ours, and that He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. His ways seem foolish to us (the lack of mass communication thing). No human can prove it to you, in fact, you can’t even seek God unless the Holy Spirit enables you to (which He is doing at this very second). I know one thing for certain, I don’t have all the answers but the Word of God says that if we seek Him with all of our heart we shall find Him – 100%guaranteed, but we have to seek for the truth with an open heart (accepting that the end result will be finding a woman-loving, smart, allknowing, very communicating, very perfect, real God). I read your blog before I responded and found your questions challenging. Have you ever thought about crying out to our creator, and simply asking Him to please answer all of your questions? He will. He also admires an honest heart like yours, He created you, He knows you perfectly and is waiting for you to ask. You were created with a free will, and God is a perfect gentleman who will never infringe upon that fact. I hope this answers your questions as far as “how I know”, it is a very spiritual thing. I look forward to your future blogs, I am a newby at this blog thing (3 days), My friend talked me into it and it is fun to hear different ideas, beliefs and all that good stuff. Bless you Nimbu. PS, could I ask if Nimbu is your real name? and what does it mean if it is – or isn’t?

  8. Prayfirst:

    Thanks for your participation. It appears that many people have established a personal Jesus, or a personal God; one that is not found in any of the holy books. One could argue that the foundation for this very personal belief that escapes from organized, fundamental religions, is based upon the “good” every human has inside them.

    This goodness, we all share with or without any God or gods. Many authors explore being good without God; a concept that has been around only for a short period of time, when compared to organized religions.

    The good that we all possess allows us to make rational decisions that not only enhance our lives, but also is a positive force for people around us.

    I established my blog so that I can sort through my personal thoughts in a pseudo-public forum. I gain two things: a personal documentation as well as outside input.

    My name is certainly not Nimbu – it means lime in Urdu and Hindi. I am of Pakistani origin. This pseudonym allows me to be completely honest. If I had a blog with my real name, it may cause strain amongst my friends and family who still hold onto their faiths. I certainly do not wish to offend either my family or strangers on the net. But it is the only way to be completely honest.

    I look forward to more dialog. And welcome to the blogosphere!


  9. I always present this argument to Christians here in the UK. I often wonder why God makes a revelation to some and not to others and why would we ever want to believe a revelation stacked upon hearsay upon hearsay and possibly more hearsay, and why does the Hindu see Vishnu, the Hare krishna see Krishna, the Christian see Jesus, the Buddhist see Maitreya and the Muslim see Allah? All these Characters are clearly mythical and they usually have a good story to them but Aesop tells good stories too!

  10. so true

  11. “By the way I think it interesting that you would use the them “God bless…” or “Amen” with such negitive ideas about God…”

    I think its because s/he had been in Christian culture for too long and now its hard to correct them…words…

    Anyway, has anyone tries a topic on maybe, just maybe Jesus is G.A.Y.

    In almost every picture he is around men….

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