Posted by: nimbu | January 17, 2007

Fundamentalist Relgions are Like Dictators

Both seem OK at first, but after a while, they just need to be removed. If we take a look throughout history, there are waves of religious fundamentalism that come about every few decades for almost every religion. These waves sometimes last a few years, to well over a decade. But ultimately, nobody…not even Afghanis under the Taliban or most Arabs under Saudi Arabia can stand fundamentalist religion. You can see backlashes all over the world against these fundamentalists. You never hear of people emigrating to Pakistan, or Saudi, or Iran. You know why? Because people are fed-up of the bullshit. They’re fed-up of religions “leaders” pushing their hate-filled agendas on them. They’d rather leave to go to a country run by infidels, than stay at home. Even here in the U.S., people have had enough of religious zealots pushing their anti-gay, anti-this, anti-that agendas.

Every once in a while I get depressed watching all the hate-filled fundamentalists, from all religions. Then I have to ask myself this: How is it that the world continues to progress – at an astonishingly fast rate? Science, today, is in overdrive. New cancer drugs – even a vaccine for cervical cancer! Look at the progress the Internet has made. Look at how fast it’s spread from Silicon Valley in the US to Europe, Russia, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and more. If you would have asked me 15 years ago about India’s future; I never would’ve guessed they were to become a major computer superpower. I still have images of bad Bollywood movies!

Sorry, no doom and gloom today. I’m feeling good about humanity and the direction we’re taking it.


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