Posted by: nimbu | January 15, 2007

Where are all the “moral” people?

As an atheist, I believe that all humans are equal; but religion would have you believe otherwise. I’ve seen it from all sides: the Muslim, Christian and Jewish. On the outside, all try to be politically correct and tout humanitarian riotousness; but secretly, they consider themselves better than the infidels.

Here’s an example: As Israel “defends” itself and attempts to retrieve 2 kidnapped soldiers, they proceeded to bomb the hell out of apartment buildings in Lebanon. The fact that the enemy was hiding in those buildings made it OK to have hundreds of deaths in collateral damage. Women and children. Where was the Christian outcry? Here’s my conspiracy theory: As Christians, we believe that Israel belongs to the chosen people…so it’s OK that they kill hundreds of Muslims to retrieve 2 Jews.

Here’s another example: In Darfur, ethnic Arab Muslims are killing the “fake” African Muslims. It’s not Sunni against Shia, it’s simple: it’s black against black. It’s just that one black side associates themselves with the Arabs. Now, I grew up as a Muslim, and I don’t remember ever reading that it’s OK to kill children and rape women. But you know what, when you make your enemy out to be the enemy of God, they are no longer human. I assume that makes it easier to kill and rape. Where’s the Islam known as a peaceful religion. Where are the demonstrations in the streets of Pakistan – my ex-home.

Last year I was in Pakistan during the riots related to the Danish cartoon publications. Everybody remembers that right? How could I forget. During the riots in Lahore, crazed Pakistanis outraged at fucking cartoons were tearing down their own city. Not even Danish things…every thing! They tore down a KFC sign, and torched dozens of motorcycles and cars. Was that going to make the newspaper from Denmark feel sorry? No, they probably felt sad that stupid people were behaving, well, like stupid people. They were probably thinking: “what does KFC have to do with cartoons, or Muhammad, or newspapers from Denmark?”

Here’s another point: Africa has an AIDS problem…but is anybody doing anything to help? Not really. Just enough to make ourselves feel better. There are AIDS fighting drugs that can enable people with HIV to live a long life. But where is the humanity? Why haven’t these pharmaceutical companies and governments stepped in to donate drugs? Because 1 African is not worth the price tag of a lifetime of treatment. That’s right, I said it. If Muslims and Jews and Christians actually lived up to their teachings, they would work really, really hard to help.

On a tangent, I find it deplorable to limit sex education that can clearly decrease the number of new cases. Catholics and G.W. have decided for rest of the world that it’s better to let Africans die from AIDS than teach about condoms. Rather, let’s teach them to abstain from sex, as the only solution. I will agree that abstaining from sex will keep you from getting AIDS, but what about the millions that have decided not to abstain? At least teach them the usefulness of condoms. It makes me sad to think that people believe it’s OK to let people, women and children die from AIDS, because they “deserve” it. They clearly didn’t follow God’s law, right?

Here’s another point: When Yugoslavia fell apart and there was ethnic cleansing on the back door of Europe, you know what happened? That’s right, the UN, NATO, UK, the US all stepped in to put a stop to it. That was mighty Christian and Muslim.

The fact is that as we sit in our cushy lives, it’s OK to let the Africans die, it’s OK to let Sunnis and Shiites kill themselves in Iraq, it’s OK, because they’re not like me.

Sorry for sounding so mad…but I’m getting fed up.



  1. the passion to know the god is really the silly jod .the main things is that be realastic in every movement of life .taking the good education ,apart from all dogmas.

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