Posted by: nimbu | January 12, 2007

Why study God?

I see millions of people around the world devote endless hours of each day to useless religious study. Once you’ve learned the golden rule – that you should be nice, what else is left?

I live in the U.S. and I see millions of people from across the world want to come here so that they can get a better education and get a job. These people know that success is possible where countries are not run by religious zealots – like back home. They know that if they work hard, they can have the American dream. Unlike other countries where it’s quite difficult to get a job without having an inside relationship. Just look at France, where millions of Muslims and other immigrants are disenfranchised and find it very difficult to get a job on their merits alone.

If you go to a seminary, a religious school or get your doctorate in Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism, I wonder what kind of job you’re going to get? It’s probably a job teaching others, or as a guest on some talk show/news show. What else can you do studying the Bible or the Quran? In today’s world, these are useless books. The main things that needed to be taught, were already in practice by many civilizations before and after Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Abraham and Moses. The only thing they have to add is how we should “serve” God. Knowing how to pray to God or how we should “love” him is totally useless in today’s world.

In fact, they’re so far past their usefulness, they’re actually slowing down progress now. Everything you need is right there in the Bible/Quran right?



  1. Findlay, OH
    12 APR 07
    I ran onto your web site while I was writing a book on the Trinity: The Intimate Trinity. [I divided the subject into two parts: the IS of God and the DOINGS of the Persons of the Godhead: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is not a subject with altogether short answers – I am on page 160 and maybe 3/4 through.]
    I must agree with you that most debate is not nice, nor is it useful. I do not get into apologetics for this reason. I also do not get into apologetics because people get puffed up, too quickly. There are proofs for the existence of God, but I do not think they are very useful because they just do not convince people – that’s been my experience.
    I am a scientist, actually a retired physics professor – so I don’t have a job anymore (having a job was one of your concerns.) The position I had was quite interesting and a good deal of fun. Also, I was given and still retain a measure of respect.
    But, on to the real subject. If there is a God, there is a God (excuse the redundancy). Regardless of what I do or say or think, He still is. If there is no God, nothing I can do… can make Him be. There is a beauty in your statement in that it contains just about every reason I have run into for not believing.
    You are busy with all the things that point to there being no God. But, what if He exists? Wouldn’t a number of these things go up in smoke? I came to believe in Jesus Christ when someone asked me if I wanted God to live within me. I asked, “He would do that?” “Yes.” I then believed that He died on the cross for my sins. I have had quite an adventure ever since. It would take too a long time to describe it here.
    Is God? I believe He is. In this (In Him), I promise no perfect paradise – there will be times of great glory and joy, but there will also be rough times. But the world has its rough times also, but with much less temporal purpose and no eternal purpose at all. With all this in mind, I believe He is very good at being God. That is what I am finding in writing my book. As I read and think and live and write, the conformation of this faith increases and becomes more real. I am able to say as Dickens’ Scourge, “I’m not the man I was.” I am able to see the great value He has wrought in me since I became a believer in my early 30’s (I am 66 now)
    I wish you well on your path. I do not believe in taking your convictions away. Yet, I would recommend, without argument, they (the convections about there being no God) be displaced by what He has for you: principally Himself. I must get back to pen and pad. I wish you the very best,


  2. Thanks, Sam. Good luck.

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