Posted by: nimbu | January 12, 2007

If God exists, which god should I follow?

I’ve been reading Dawkins and Harris recently and I can’t help but notice that a lot of public conversations about God have now evolved into a debate on his existence. Not whether or not it’s the God of Abraham, or the Hindu gods, or the Greek gods. The pushers of Intelligent Design press for the belief that things that are inexplicably complex must be designed by a higher intelligence.

So let’s say I buy into that argument, I don’t…but just to play devil’s advocate. I say to myself one morning: “OK. The human nervous system is way to complex to have happened by chance. There must be a God.” Now I wonder which God I should believe in? Since Intelligent Design was thought up by our illustrious Evangelical leaders, should I follow that church? Should I explore other religions? I mean, Muslims and Jews believe that God created the world also. Are their religions more or less worthy of my membership?

P.S. The human nervous system evolved over a long period of time and did NOT come about due to chance or luck.



  1. Only by weakening their claims (going from “there is a god, and it’s this god!” to “there must be some god!”) can they hope to convince anyone. Nowadays most educated people see how unreasonable it is to believe in a single god when there are so many. By masking as science or logic, the ID proponents see their small chance to renew their grip on the world.

  2. Maybe the fact that there are so many “gods” is because there is only one and a bunch of wannabies that try to dilute and deceive because they desire your worship. If it comes down to, “What can this God do for me?” I think that we’ll find many gods. If it comes down to, “Who is worthy of my worship?” The list significantly narrows.

    Why not ask God (whomever you might believe that to be) if He will reveal Himself to you?

  3. Hmmm? One true religion? And all others are wannabes? Let me guess, you belong to that one true religion, right? Did you convert from another to the “true” one? If so, which one? Or did you just happen to be born into that “true” one? If so, you really were lucky. I, along with over 5 Billion other people of the planet were unlucky enough to be born into the “wrong” ones. Man, now I know why people say “Life sucks and then you die.”

    Did you ever consider that every member of the “other” religions feels the same about theirs? I know many Muslims that believe theirs is the true one. And Jews, of course are the chosen ones. And which Christian is right? Are Catholics more or less right than Baptists? Maybe Lutherans, or Presbyterians?

  4. Obviously you’re at the place where you can’t be convinced by any man about who or what to believe. I’m well aware of endless debates. So, why don’t you ask God or the gods which ones are real. What are you seeking?

  5. I agree that these debates can seem endless. Like many others, I’m going through a phase in my life. I’m at this point where I’ve been able to discount much of what people call God or religion. It’s taken me over 20 years to do so, but I’m there now. I know that others are either approaching this place, or have already gone through it. I also know that many still believe in the God of their parents.

    I appreciate your response – as I do anybody who views this blog and responds.

    I’ve come to this point not because I’m angry, or frustrated with God…but because I’ve done a lot of studying. As a Muslim, I had always found it easy to break down other religions; but I never gave my own religion the same courtesy. Once I applied the same standards to m own religion, I realized that it couldn’t stand up to the same level of criticism. I thought that it would be a good idea to catalog those thoughts so that I could go back and recount how I became an atheist.

    I do not intend to insult or provoke. But rather to express and catalog my through-processes as I go through this very important moment in my life.

    I’ve left the blog open for comments in case people want to offer words of wisdom and support. I know that I’m not alone in this. If I can help others think this through, that would be great. Or if others have already gone through this phase, maybe they can help me along.

    I’m finding this experience to be extremely rewarding.


  6. I hope and know you find what you’re looking for.

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