Posted by: nimbu | January 8, 2007

Without god, all hell will break loose

Yes it’s true. Most “god fearing” people will have you believe that without god or God, us atheists will simply end up killing babies and having sex in the streets. I find it completely offensive to think that I like having sex in the street. It would be very uncomfortable — not to mention the performance anxiety. Babies: I’d sell them first. Everybody could use some child labor around the house. Killing babies would simply be a waste.

Why do godly people insist that a god provides law and order? It’s widely understood that the founders of this country where not “Christian”, but rather deists. They were ahead of their time. They had seen what god/God had done to Europe; they wanted something different. That’s why you never hear the word “Jesus” in any of our official documents from the time. I think that entering the word God was a stretch, probably just to keep the population happy.

If you believe that God/god is the source of law and order, why do we have so many criminals in the “Bible Belt”? With such a huge percentage of the American population believing in God, why so many prisons and so many criminals? It’s pretty obvious to me, since God isn’t real, he really can’t punish people. I used to be religious, and it gave me great comfort thinking that OJ would get to go to hell after he dies. Hell is a place we created to make ourselves feel better; by believing there is ultimate justice in the world. There isn’t. We have to do the justice, here and now. That’s why we have police, prosecutors, judges and laws.

So, when it turns out that God came down over O’Hare International Airport recently, I’ll be celebrating in the streets with some uninhibited love-making! 🙂



  1. I think our society erects barriers to destructive behavior and constructs encouragements for civility. Fear of punishment and love of rewards cage us in. That’s why most people behave themselves. You can look on it as being in bondage to our own feelings.

    I’ve been in situations where law enforcement broke down and I know from those experiences that our “goodness” is paper thin.

    But the person of character does the right thing regardless of fear of punishment or desire for reward. What then is the proper basis for doing the right thing?


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